Crunchy Mamma Disclaimer

As you read various posts from me on this blog, on facebook, or twitter you will see me talk about how I do things...differently. I'm a little more "crunchy" than the mainstream. It seems like every time I bring something up I have had SOMEONE get all bent out of shape because of it. Know this:

I am not trying to be "preachy". I am in NO WAY saying that I am better because I do things one way and you do them another. I would never presume to be a better parent or wife or friend or citizen of the world just because I chose a different option than maybe you or your mom or your neighbor.

I am simply sharing information. 

That is all. It may come off to some as me being "high and mighty with my crunchy/green ways", but I promise you--that is not how I mean it. I am a very straightforward person. If I think you're horrible, I will tell you. But I probably don't think that, so simmer down!

Please also know that I understand the fact that not everything works for every individual or family. Every body, household, personality, bank account, and disposition has its own needs and limitations. I get that. I sooooo get that.

All of that being said, I welcome a challenge. Respectful debate will never be shut down here. You are more than welcome to disagree with me! This is just how I have chosen to do things (so maybe I disagree with you on some points--but we can still be friends, right? I mean...I have friends that enjoy eating celery, for heaven's sake. THEY ENJOY IT!! But we are still friends.)

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