Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guest Post From The Lovely Jeannie!

Alright, ladies (and gents?)--I'm working on part two of the cloth diaper series. I swear it will be done soon! For now, please enjoy the lovely Jeannie, from One Wish Short...Of Paradise

She is one of my REAL LIFE friends. Gah! I DO have friends. I swear. And this one is one of my favorites. Check her out!

Hi everyone! I'm Jeannie, and I like to share a whole bunch of stuff over on my blog. Mainly stuff about whatever pops into my head. Like the unfairness of shaving or falling down the stairs, and sometimes I get all serious and talk about big life decisions

Any whoo, today is the first post in a series called Dating Disasters and Other Embarrassing Moments. And even though the title sounds dramatic, it will also include some awesome non-embarrassing dates and other stories. I just like the sound of the title, so we're gonna go with it!

Our first story is all about the first time I ever held hands with a boy. Oh yeah, down the nitty girtty already. 

I was 14, and I was the new girl. I had just moved to an itty-bitty town, with an itty-bitty high school (it took like 7 towns to come up with enough students to actually have a high school). I was super cool and in the Drama Club. (That's where the super-secret super-cool kids are, it was just so secret you never knew and made fun of us. No biggie.) As an awesome "treat" the Drama Club got to go see the local community college put on a play/musical called The Fantasticks. It has a cast of like 6 people and still stands out as the worst play I have ever seen. 

As usual, my mom was running late so I didn't get to go on the school bus with everyone else. She dropped me off, and I arrived about 5 minutes before the curtain went up. There was one seat left. Next to a boy who I knew. He had been good friends with my best friend, whom we'll call Molly. Molly brought me into a good group of friends and among those friends is a boy whom we'll call Chuck.

Chuck and I ended up sitting in a row behind everyone else. Just the two of us. Behind us was a row of boy scouts (why someone would take boy scouts to a play that has a song in it called, "Rape in the Night" is beyond me...) If I remember correctly, and I might not, the boy scouts were teasing us. There might have been some "kissing in the tree" songs going on. It didn't bother me. I hadn't really ever thought of boys as, you know, boys. And then Chuck said, "I have an idea, why don't we freak out the boy scouts and hold hands!" 

And I was all, "Haha, that would be funny." So we held hands for a second and I giggled. And then the play started and I put my hand back in my lap. Only to, somehow, end up holding hands with him for reals! I think my little teenage heart about burst. This nice, attractive and popular (ok, popular in my group of super cool Drama kids) was holding MY hand. *swoon*

What I didn't know was that he was still dating, or had just broken up with that day (I can't remember...), another girl. A girl who was already mad at me for making the school musical when she didn't. (Needless to say, I made an enemy for several years. She even drew horns on me in our yearbook. Classic.) After the play, as I was waiting for my mom to pick me up, he said that he liked me. He LIKED me! And my little teenage heart about died. And right then and there, I decided I liked him too. 

I told my mom about my first hand holding, and looking back now, she was trying pretty hard to hold back an indulgent smile. I gotta say, I was pretty lucky to end up with a decent guy for my very first time holding hands, cause he ended up being a lot of firsts, but you'll have to follow along to hear all about Duct Tape Prom or the time I was rescued from the bathroom by a waitress and her manager... Hope to see you soon! 

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