Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Say What?

Gabe: Mom! I wanna sit on your lap.
I was at the computer and letting him sit on my lap at the computer never ends well...
Me: Hang on, buddy. I'll be done in just a minute.
Gabe: OW!!
I looked over and he was just standing there, staring at me. The "ow" was for no reason. He is clearly just wanting my attention. Gotcha, kiddo.
Gabe: *cough cough* Oh mommy...I not feeling so good....*cough*
Me: Uh-oh! Should we stay home today?
Gabe: What?! No! We going to Gramma's today!
Me: Well, we can't go anywhere if you're sick, buddy.
At this, Gabe stops and puts on his thinking cap. He has dug himself into a bit of a hole. An "I'm so smart" look washes over his face. He cups his hands in front of his mouth and starts to blow.
Gabe: There, Mommy! I okay! I all better! I blew the cough out! We can go to Gamma's house now.
Me: *smirk* Okay, buddy. I'm glad.
...and for good measure...
Gabe: See, mom? I not really sick.
Gabe opens his mouth wide. I dutifully check his mouth and throat for "sick bugs" and give him the 'all-clear'.
Gabe: See, mom? I told you I not sick. The bugs are not there.
Me: Oh, good. I was a little worried. We should go to Gramma's house today.
Gabe: Yep.
Gabe then walks away very satisfied with himself. He has successfully fooled Mommy.

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  1. Adorable. I can't wait until you post conversations between Gabe and Eva :)