Friday, October 19, 2012

Life Continues

My little girl is four weeks old today. Really? Wow.... four weeks! And I still haven't posted the birth story. I know. I seriously have it all typed up. I have for like three weeks. I'm just waiting on pictures and then I'll unleash all the gory details, I swear.

My days are exhausting and filled with spit-up and poopy diapers again. That, on top of toddler antics and the typical cooking, laundry, and housekeeping that comes along with being a stay-at-home mom/wife. McKay and I usually talk at least once during the day and my mom and I talk, but the rest of the time is spent conversing with an almost three year old and an infant. Here is a conversation I had with Evangeline earlier today:

Me: "Hey little girl. What are you looking at?"
Eva: ...
Me: "Hey! Look at me. Your mamma. The lady you keep spitting up on."
    She looks
Eva: "Ungh."
Me: "Can you say 'I'm sorry'?"
Eva: *snort*
Me: "Close enough."
Me: "Well, I'm gonna put you in your swing."
Eva: *gurglegurgle*FART!*
Me: "Whoa! Too much excitement for you?"
Eva: *stare* ... *gurgleFART*
Me: "Alright then. To the swing it is."

And Gabriel seems to think the world is his own now that I am usually preoccupied with his baby sister. He has become much more independent since Eva was born. I am surprised. I thought the opposite would happen. I assumed he would get jealous and become clingy and revert in his potty training like everyone said.  But he didn't. I think he has found freedom in not being the only child in the house. His imagination has run rampant these past few weeks and he says and does the funniest things! We put "nighttime undies" (Gabe-sized cloth diapers) on him at night because he still pees the bed despite our concerted efforts to achieve dryness. Every morning when I go get him for breakfast, he is out of his nighttime undies and in big boy undies and an outfit of his choosing--always mismatched and usually at least one article of clothing is on backward. Whatever. I think it's awesome that he wants to be so independent. I never correct the backward clothing (unless it's his underwear).

We had this conversation not too long ago:

Gabe: "Hey mom. Are ju feeding Eva? ... from jur bewb..?"
Me: "Uhm. Yes."
Gabe: "Oh. ...  Are you going back to the hospital?"
Me: "No. Why?"
Gabe: "Because there's doctors there."
Me: "Why would I need to see a doctor?"
Gabe: "Because! So they can put Eva back in jur belly..."
Me: "No Gabe. She's not going back in my belly. Why do you want her to go back in my belly?"
     'Here we go..' I thought. The jealousy.
Gabe: "Because! I don't want her to get this!" *shoves his Optimus Prime toy down his shirt and runs away*
Me: "HA!"

This is my life.

I laugh every day and cry at least once a week.

It's freakin' sweet.