Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't Say The 'C' Word

I haven't been the best about posting lately. I know. I haven't been the best at anything lately. SOME people assume that it's because I've had the baby.

You wanna know?

I have about had it with everyone calling and texting to ask if I've had the baby yet. Or "Labor?? Eh? Eh?!!" or "So...? Anything?" or "When's that little girl coming out?"


Stop asking.

I WILL punch you.

No one - I repeat - NO ONE wants her to hurry up and vacate the womb more than me. I promise. I am four days past my due date and I'm fed up. I'm tired and cranky and emotional and uncomfortable and just...done. So ready to just have her here so we can move along with life. Everything is in limbo right now. Can't make plans because who knows when labor will start or maybe my water will break. Don't want to go out - who needs everyone and their mom making comments and asking "Whoa!! Look at you! When are you due??"   -.-   Four days ago, lady. Just ring me up so I can get out of your stupid store.

And please for the LOVE--don't you dare ask me about the 'C' word. I swear if one more person other than my midwife asks me "Any contractions?" I WILL go ballistic.

If and when something significant happens, the people that I want to know, will know. Period. Everyone else can just wait.

See what I mean? Crankfest. And yesterday was mostly spent crying and feeling depressed and sorry for myself. Every day that I wake up and I'm not in labor, I want to throw something. I am seriously losing it.


  1. You are having Special K's baby. She needs extra time to harness her chi and awesomeness.

  2. Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Sending you and the little one all the support and calming energy I can!

  3. I totally understand how you are feeling. My little man was TEN days late...yeah...I cried...a lot. Every morning I woke up in my own bed I was less than thrilled, I was just praying that I would wake up in pain in the middle of the night.