Monday, August 6, 2012

Pretty Little Packages

Have any of you purchased to subscribed to a mystery box-type service? I was just recently introduced to these by someone in my Babyfit mommy team. She talked about Wittlebee and then someone brought up Citrus Lane and then it was all over for me. I looked into both and immediately fell in love. I want to subscribe to both of them! [You know what? I lied. I just realized that I was originally introduced to this whole idea years ago when my sister told me about a monthly shoe subscription service called Shoe Dazzle. Not really my thing, though.]

So I began searching out more of these little care package clubs. There are SO MANY!! I want to subscribe to all of them. How fun would that be?! Maybe I should explain them so you can be excited with me.

So here's the idea - Wittlebee, for example, is a monthly kids clothing club. You sign up and create a style profile for your child and then a "stylist" puts together a box of clothes for your little one (See some sample boxes here). You pay for a monthly box of fun "mystery" clothes (you can suspend or cancel any time with no penalties) and it's always a surprise! Citrus Lane is similar, except it's not just clothes. You get "cute and practical products recommended by real parents." Love it. (And it's customized for your baby's age.) Here's what Citrus Lane has sent out recently. I want to do both of these. ASAP. Unfortunately, Citrus Lane has an age range of newborn to 3 years (which will be great for Eva!), so no mystery box for Gabe, as he will be 3 really soon (gah! really??) and I don't want to spend money on things that are under his age recommendation--I like him to be challenged! FORTUNATELY, I found another service just like them called Babba Co that is for kids age 3-6 - score! (Wanna see what Babba Co puts in their boxes?) The cool thing is that you can gift them to people too! You buy a month or two or twelve and they can redeem it whenever they want! (Baby shower gift idea, anyone? I think I may do this for my niece for Christmas...)

Anyway, a friend of mine posted about these kinds of clubs, only the ones she talked about are for "big kids". The ones she mentioned are things like makeup and the like. (See her post about it here.) One of the ones she talked about really caught my eye. It's called Indie Gift Box. If you can't tell by the name, these boxes are filled with fun things made by indie artists and businesses. There are a few different "themes" that you can choose from so your box fits your taste. I kept an eye on their site for a month or so and decided that I really wanted to participate!

They are a much smaller operation than the services I've mentioned above, and they can only offer a very small number of boxes each month. This month, they offered a total of twelve boxes--four in each theme (August's themes were Summer Camp, Pretty Boho, and Paper Cuts) and I was determined to get my hands on one of them! The release date/time was announced and you just have to be speedy Gonzales if you want one, as they are first come-first served. Well, I was johnny-on-the-spot to get my box (I originally wanted a Summer Camp box, but it was sold out like...IMMEDIATELY, so I went with my second choice--Pretty Boho). I entered my paypal info in record time and crossed my fingers and--YAY!--I got one!

The next day an update was sent out saying that there was some kind of technical malfunction with stock and payments and PayPal and...I'm not sure exactly what happened. Basically, a lot more orders were taken by the system than could be fulfilled. They caught it six minutes in, but the damage was already done. What? Nooooo!! They were very apologetic and promised boxes for the first four subscribers of each box and refunds for everyone else. Then they mentioned that it was a possibility that they could request more product from their August indie artist contributors to create and send out more boxes. I kept my fingers crossed, hoping I would be the lucky recipient of at least ONE of the boxes....

I got an email this morning. I was the THIRD person to order a Pretty Boho box!! Wahoo!! I barely made the cutoff!! Turns out they were able to get some artists to send more items to fulfill "backorder" boxes. Whatever--I'M GETTING MY PRETTY BOHO BOX!!

Stay tuned--I'll be showing off my loot as soon as my Indie Gift Box arrives!

I love getting packages in the mail, don't you??

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