Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nesting much?

It's getting down to the wire, y'all. Less than fifty days until the due date. My belly is getting bigger (though, as of last prenatal check up, I have only gained eight pounds...weird) and nesting is in full force.

This past weekend was all de-junking and organizing and laundry. It was exhausting, but SO satisfying! We got the front closet (the storage/"catch-all" closet) arranged and organized, as well as our master bedroom walk-in (so glad to finally get that done!) There was still some post-move junk and piles of "what do we do with this?" in our bedroom and the baby's room, so we sorted out that stuff as well. It felt fantastic to finally have those last bits of nagging "hot spots" taken care of. I haven't exactly been keeping up with the laundry lately (usually it's "a load a day to keep the chaos away"), so I got a good three or four loads out of the way during the weekend as well and now I'm back on top of things!

Another fun/exciting thing that happened last weekend: my dad sent "welcome gifts" for Evangeline...
For some reason, Amazon delivered the packages via three different carriers - OnTrac, UPS, and FedEx each paid me a visit  :-)

Don't mean to brag, but I have the best family ever. After eight packages of stuff, my dad made a pretty good dent in the remainder of the registry! I couldn't even believe it! Super spoiled.

After all of the nesting, we took a well deserved and much needed break. McKay and I decided to take Gabriel up to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.
Beautiful Brida Veil Falls

He LOVED seeing the waterfall and watching/feeding the fish at the bottom.
He would have stayed there and watched the fish all day if we let him.

Crossing the bridge with dad. No holdings hands, though, because he's a BIG BOY.

After hanging out at Bridal Veil, we drove a little further into the canyon and found a park where we sat down and had a picnic. McKay gets MREs (MRE=Meal Ready to Eat) all the time when he drills or does training, but he doesn't usually eat them--he brings them home. (We have a nice little stockpile in the trunk of our car in case of an emergency...) So we decided to have an MRE picnic! Gabriel got a kick out of it.
We had fun swapping sides and treats. The military really knows what they're doing - MREs have a heating system so you can have a hot meal on the go that takes up almost no space!

Those $5 binoculars have been a great investment for our little explorer.

Gabe is all about Daddy. They are best buds!

Since it was Sunday and we missed church, we brought a children's book of scripture stories with pictures that Gabriel loves- that makes up for missing church, right?

Proof that I was there....and so was Eva - holy cow, the belly is getting big!

How do you like those tan lines? Ten points if you can guess what kind of shoes I wear all summer...

My handsome hubby. Goodness, I love that guy!

Gabriel being his awesome, cute, fun self. He is such a fun little guy and I feel so blessed to be his mommy!

After all the work we did this weekend I would have loved to take a break, but no-can-do. This week so far has consisted of errand-running and diaper prepping. Oh yeah! That huge dent that my dad put in our registry consisted of quite a bit of our cloth diapering supplies. Not EVERYTHING necessary, but enough to call it a good starting point. We got the gDiapers new baby bundle (12 tiny little (newborn) gPants, 6 little (small) gPants, and 80 disposable biodegradable inserts), two GroVia shells, a few different kinds/brands of cloth inserts/soakers/pods/what-have-you, some flats and prefolds, and we already had the Itti Bitti shells and soakers. Since there is a mix of natural and synthetic fibers in my cloth diaper loot, I figured I'd do about 5 or 6 pre-washes (for those who don't know, you have to pre-wash cloth diapers/inserts before using them to build up/enhance absorbency).

My CD far... *wink* (Everyone was right - it's so addicting!!)

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