Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is it really only TUESDAY?

No, I guess not. Technically, it's Wednesday now. But I have this rule where it's not the next day until I go to sleep and then wake up again. So there. It's still Tuesday.

Recent goings on have made the days seem to drrraaaaaggggg.

I had a baby shower this past weekend, which was so nice since I didn't get one before. It was really sweet of people to come and celebrate this new little life that will be joining our family soon. Made me feel special that people took time out of their day to do that.

McKay had drill Saturday and Sunday, though, and that always sucks at least a tiny bit. Gabe gets confused because, why is Daddy "at work" on the weekend, dangit?!?

There was also some *JUNK* that went down this weekend. I don't want to be that girl who cries drama to get attention, so let me just say - crap happened and it was ridiculous and I don't want to hash it all out here. But when tidbits of it keep resurfacing here and there, it really sours my mood.

I HATE drama. 

Someone today who was needlessly dragged into the middle of the afore-mentioned *JUNK* by the other party in the situation accused me of thriving on it. It really pissed me off that this person would say that. I was offended and amused at the same time. (which is a weird combination, if you're wondering...) Obviously, this person does NOT know me as much as they have convinced themselves they do. I'm a talker - in that I like to talk things out with a person if there's an issue. I don't like to fight. I don't like yelling. The silent treatment annoys the ever-living crap out of me. Let's talk it out like mature adults and get over it. The one problem here - that needs to be a two-way road in order for it to work.

Guess what you have when you sweep a pile of dirt under a rug?
A pile of dirt under a rug.

Luckily, I choose to surround myself with awesome, positive, uplifting family and friends who love and support me. McKay is the most-awesomest and I'm so glad that I have him by my side.

P.S. We picked up this awesome (used, but in excellent condition) dresser/changing table for Evangeline's room today. It's seriously EXACTLY what I was looking for - and we got it for a screamin' deal! Thanks and a shout out to my grandpa for letting us borrow his truck to go pick it up! That turned out to be a pretty good deal in and of itself, because it meant we got to hang out with him and his sweet wife for the evening. Gabe loves visiting Great Grandpa and Great Grandma J. We had dinner with them and spent the rest of the evening relaxing, chatting, and playing dominos - yeah, we're old school!

Gabriel was HILARIOUS through the whole game, saying things like "What's our strategy, dad?" and "You guys are goin' DOWN this round!" Hahaha...this kid....where does he get this stuff?? And, somehow, McKay always ended up with extra dominos....

Anyway, I guess I should go to bed now so Wednesday can do it's thing....

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