Monday, June 25, 2012

Bad Mom

Kids will be kids.

I get that.

But their PARENTS? need to be adults.

My mother in law came over today with one of my nephews and we had lunch and took the kids to the mall to play in the little mall play area (it is WAY too hot for me to sit outside and watch Gabe play today...). There were little terrors, as usual, but nothing too bad. Gabe came running over to me more than once because someone pushed him or scared him or whatever, and pretty much every time he was soon followed by a child and their parent to apologize. No biggie. Kids are kids.

At one point Gabe kinda pushed this little girl and I went straight over to him and told him that it's not okay to hit or push. I explained that he needs to be nice or other kids won't want to play with him. I had him apologize to the little girl and say sorry to her mommy. The girl was totally fine and her mom wasn't too concerned, but I want my son to know what is and is not acceptable. And that was that--they ran off and continued playing.

Well, a little bit later pretty much everyone had gone and it was just us and one other little girl and her mom. This little girl....I mean...God bless all the little children....but this kid was a BRAT. At one point, she kicked Gabriel and he ran over to me, upset. I asked him if he was hurt and he said no, so he ran off and continued playing. Not too long after that the little girl was at the top of a slide, just sitting. Gabe climbed up behind her and the girl got upset (it was HER slide). The girl's mom called over to her, saying "It's okay. He's waiting for you to go. Slide down." and the girl just sat there. Gabe was getting a little impatient, so I said "Just wait Gabriel. She will slide down when she's ready."



This little girl turns around and SHOVES Gabe with both hands off the back of the slide. I was shocked--what a brat!! My mother in law was closer to him, so she ran right over to make sure he was okay. I whipped around to look at the little girls mom and she was just sitting there. Didn't say anything. Didn't move a muscle. REALLY?!?

I was pissed. Only a little because my son just got SHOVED OFF THE BACK OF A SLIDE. Mostly because this stupid mom did NOTHING.

Like I said before. Kids will be kids--I get it. Sometimes they go through a monster phase. My son is not perfect, by any means. HOWEVER--if he were to do what that little demon did to another child, I would be right there to correct his bad behavior. That kind of crap is just unacceptable.

I stood up and grabbed our things and said "Come on. Let's just go. I'm sick of this kid hitting and pushing Gabriel. That's the second time she has hurt him in ten minutes and her parents haven't done a single thing. We're outta here." And I stomped out. I was pissed.

The girl's mom was sitting on a bench that was on the way out of the play area, and I just walked right past her. But not Linda (MIL). She stopped and looked that mom right in the face and gave her a talking-to!! "You know, you really shouldn't let your daughter push other little kids around like that. It's wrong. She shoved my grandson right off the back of that slide and he could have gotten seriously hurt." To which the mom replied, "I know what she did. I saw the whole thing." That upset Linda even more. (Umm--hello?! If you saw it, why didn't you do or say anything??) So Linda leaned over and had her finger right in that mom's face and said "Then YOU should have done something. You can't let your kids behave that way! It's WRONG and it's bad parenting."

At first the other mom just sat there a little shocked that someone was talking to her this way. And then her face changed and she was getting kinda mad. So she stomps her feet down and stands up and is right in Linda's face with this smirk because she's a good 8 or more inches taller than Linda.

L - "Are you kidding me? I don't care how tall you are. I'm not afraid of you." (Linda is a BLACK BELT, y'all. Don't mess with grandma bear!!)

BM - "Well you need to get out of my face!"

And it starts to escalate. I can tell this is going nowhere good, so I stepped in and said "You know what, Linda? Let's go. We don't have time to deal with people like her."

BM - "Oh yeah? People like ME??"
Me - "Yes. People like YOU. Bad moms who let their kids behave that way."

BM - "Oh, I'm a bad mom?"

Me - "Yes. Your child just SHOVED my son off the back of a slide and you did NOTHING. You're a BAD MOM and I'm done dealing with you and your kid."

And we turned and walked away. But Bad Mom couldn't leave it at that, so she yelled after me, "Whatever, b*tch!" Wow. Really? You're going to yell and curse at me in the middle of the mall? Are you really using that kind of language in the kiddie play area? Who raised you, Jerry Springer lady? You're lucky my son wasn't seriously injured, because I would UNLEASH THE DRAGON - ESPECIALLY if you still sat there and didn't do or say anything to reprimand your little brat.

After that last retort, Linda turned around and pointed right at the lady and yelled "BAD MOM!"

I was so upset. Pissed. But I was glad Linda said something to that lady. And then Gabriel turned and said "Yeah, bad mom!" in his little two year old voice.


That's the worst part. Gabriel was right there for the little outburst. Maybe I said some things that didn't need to be said in the heat of the moment. I was right on the edge. But I didn't curse and I didn't get physical (not that I ever really do) and I didn't even yell. I hate that kind of negativity though. It soured my whole day. Ick.

So. Bottom line: don't be a bad mom. I get that kids push and play rough sometimes. But that kind of behavior gone uncorrected creates bullies. Kids need to learn that certain behavior is not acceptable. If bad behavior is allowed to continue, how is a child supposed to know that it's not okay? I'm not saying you need to physically intervene every time something goes wrong on the playground, but at least give some sort of verbal correction. I always appreciate it when other parents talk to their kid after they hit or push or get a little too physical - and I never sit back and watch my son do that to other peoples' kids. 

Let's raise a generation that's better than ours, shall we?


  1. Girl, you didn't do or say anything wrong. It is completely unacceptable for her to allow her child to behave that way. Good for your MIL for calling her out on her BAD parenting.

    This world could use more moms like you and your MIL! (And me, of course!)

  2. @Laura Thank you! I was kind of torn about the whole thing. I don't like to have Gabe in the middle of situations like that. I would rather be an example of someone who can talk things out and be calm and mature....but this lady...UGH!! I wanted to scratch her face off! I can't believe she yelled and called me names like that IN FRONT OF MY TWO YEAR OLD!!

    I guess it could have gone a lot worse. Being 7 months pregnant, I didn't really want to get into it with her, so she's lucky. I'm so glad Linda called her out on it though. She needed to be reprimanded even more than her kid!