Monday, May 21, 2012

Won't you be my [NEW] neighbor?

Sorry I have continued with the lazy/sporadic posting...

We finally moved! Into our own house! (okay, it's an apartment--but it's our own place again!)

We thought we would have enough space for everything, but we definitely don't. For example--where on earth are we supposed to put McKay's golf clubs? (And, come on! Who ACTUALLY owns their own set of golf clubs? AND a golf caddy? McKay. And his brother. And his mom.....seriously) So we are definitely going to have to get a small storage unit for some boxes of random crap/golf clubs/snow board/seasonal stuff. Blah.

My tummy is getting bigger. I feel huge, but I know this is nothing. Did you see me at 40 weeks with Gabriel? Good gracious, I was big. Eva is moving a lot and I'm so glad I can feel it a lot more now. I'm not sure if I filled everyone in on the intimate details, but the midwives and the ultrasound tech informed us that the placenta is in front, which means more padding...which means not feelings kicks and movement as strongly as I would otherwise. Everything is fine....but I was a little freaked out at first when I couldn't feel her moving around as early as I did Gabriel. They've told me that I will feel everything a lot stronger as the pregnancy progresses because the placenta should move higher and Evangeline will be getting bigger and stronger. Yay!

McKay is getting all his "stuff" figured out with the Army. What. A headache. He got new orders to a different unit (same state) and has to go to a FULL month of WAREX (as opposed to the typical two weeks of annual training) since he's the Brigade S1. Blarg. I'm just glad we got moved before he has to go.

Gabriel is finally ready to potty train! For reals this time! (If you recall, we tried potty training last year, thinking he was totally ready for it. That was not the case, and he's a stubborn little stinker.) He has gone pee in the potty 4 times in the last 24 hours. Earlier today, he actually came up to me and told me he needed to go potty! I'm so happy. You have no idea. I thought I had it aalllllll figured out last time. Nope. You just have to wait until they're really really ready. I thought he was. In all of my "homework", I read that they may show signs of readiness 6-18 months before actually being fully ready to potty train. He was showing signs for a couple of months, so I was totally sure that it was time. Boy, was I wrong. We had him running around the house naked so we could catch him peeing and hurry and put him on the you know what that little turkey did? He would HOLD IT. For HOURS. He knew that he would get a diaper for naps and bed time, so he would hold it all day until we put a diaper on him to go to sleep...and then go. To me, that showed he had control of his bowels--which is true. But that's doesn't mean he was ready. I finally got so frustrated that I gave up and decided to try later when he was really ready. I think he really is this time and I could not be happier. If I can get him potty trained by September (when baby #2 is due), I will be one happy mamma--only one kid in diapers! *fingers crossed*

So that's what has been going on in the neighborhood!

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