Thursday, May 3, 2012

Explanation of absence

I've been meaning to get stuff posted. Really. But I have felt absolutely miserable for the past little while.


I don't think I have ever felt this crappy and sick before.

At first, it was a lot of congestion and sinus pressure. I didn't know what it was. I described my symptoms to my husband and he said it sounded like allergies. That's weird - I've never had any allergies before. I googled "allergies during pregnancy" so I could find what is safe to take and found that 'pregnancy rhinitis' often mimics cold/allergy symptoms. It's caused by unbalanced hormones and yadda yadda yadda, so I chalked it up to that and googled on. This is what I found:

"Unfortunately, treatment for pregnancy rhinitis is not all that effective."

Are you kidding me? Son of a....

So I resorted to hot water with honey and lemon accompanied by nasal rinses and an oral decongestant. Those things helped a little, but I could feel it getting worse. I bought some "Breathe" by doTerra (essential oil that really helps open up your sinuses/airways), and that helped a little....but then it got worse.

Enter head cold. Nasty head cold.

It has been almost a week and I just keep getting worse. Like I said before--I don't think I have ever felt this crappy. On top of congestion and near unbearable sinus pressure (my WHOLE FACE hurts...even my teeth hurt), I now have the worst sore throat I've ever had in my 25.5 year history. It's bad, people. I didn't sleep at all last night because I was in too much pain and I couldn't breath. Ick.

Finally, I broke down and had hubby drive me to the nearest instacare clinic this morning. I was desperate. They swabbed me for strep (negative, thank goodness!) and finally concluded that I'm developing a sinus infection. Gross. Dr. whoever prescribed some antibiotics and "magic mouth wash".

I sat at the pharmacy, miserable, for a half hour waiting for them to open. I was the first person in and they told me it was going to take 25 minutes. 25 minutes??!! Are you kidding me?! I sat for what seemed like an eternity watching the minutes tick by....

Anyway, I'm home now (obviously) and I took the amoxicillin and did the "magic mouth wash". THAT. CRAP. IS. NASTY. I wanted to puke instantly. So gross. And I'm supposed to do it four times a day, people!!

So yeah. Totally miserable. Kinda want to die right now. Sorry for the lack of posts.

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  1. It sounds horrible. I hope you feel better reeeeeeal soon.

    Afrin works wonders on nasal problems. It won't cure the infection, but it'd relieve the pressure until the amoxicillin does its job.

    I'd check first to make sure it's safe for pregnancy. But I loooove it.