Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Number Two Is A....

It has taken me a HOT MINUTE to get this posted, but I am finally getting it done. To those who have been in my shoes (pregnant, second trimester+), you know how utterly unmotivated you feel to do even the most important and/or fun tasks.

Forgive me.


A week ago, hubby and I did our 20 week ultrasound and found out that we're having...


Yup--totally called it. I knew from the start this was NOT another little boy. For the longest time I was kinda stressed about it, to be honest. I had a boy first and he's SO EASY (for the most part). Girls just look like so much more work... Lots of accessories and emotions and dolls... I don't do the whole diva/princess thing, so I always said I would LOVE to have only boys.

BUT! It looks like the good Lord has seen fit to bless us with a second child, and who am I to get picky or complain?? Honestly, I've gotten used to the idea over the past few months, so I'm fine with it. Ecstatic, actually. I would have been completely shocked if we had gone in and they told us it was a boy. Flabberghasted. Looks like we (Gabriel guessed girl too) were right! I feel extremely blessed to have this new little life coming to our family and hubby couldn't be happier.

Here are some more shots of our sweet little girl at 20 weeks:

And here's a video of the whole thing for those who are interested!!

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