Sunday, March 18, 2012

She LIVES!!!

Hey y'all.

I swear I'm still here. Been a while, huh? I know. I'm sorry. Life has been crazy. Lots of stuff going on. Exciting stuff! I was posting regularly and then this happened:

10 week ultrasound

Yup. Preggers. My first pregnancy was a dream, physically. I had no morning sickness. It was a breeze. THIS little stinker, however, gave me ALL DAY sickness. I just felt like crap all day, every day. Not that I'm complaining. We are really excited to be expecting a new little one! That's my excuse though. I just didn't feel like doing much of anything. (I'm 14 weeks along - due in September, for those who may be curious)

Then we were going to move. And then we weren't. And then we did. Life's crazy, right?

So yeah. We moved--just to the north side of town for a few months until hubby graduates and commissions and then we'll probably be moving again. (HUGE shout-out to my awesome friend for letting us move into the somewhat vacant rooms of her house for the time being. I love you girl!!)

Now that we're technically moved, I can take a breather. But just a short one because we're going on vacation to Hawaii in a couple of weeks--wahoo!!

How did THAT happen?

Tune in next time to get the DL.

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