Sunday, March 25, 2012

At least they make maternity clothes cute nowadays...

I am pretty sure God had to make babies reeeaaallly cute so that we would forget about the sickness and pain and frustration we go through to get them here. Truly. Otherwise, why would people put themselves through all of the crap over and over again. (And that goes for all ways of acquiring a child. I've never been through an adoption, but I've heard it can be hell on a person) Of course, it's usually awesome in the end...

This pregnancy has been quite the opposite of my first. Physically and emotionally.

Emotionally, it's SO much better. I'm married to a wonderful man, so I am far less depressed and I never wonder how I can possibly get through this because, this time, I'm not doing it alone. (I was never actually alone the first time but, OH, did I feel that way...)

Physically? Oh boy. Actually, we're thinking girl. And this is why - everything is completely opposite this time around. I had morning sickness pretty much my entire first trimester. I'm getting bigger a lot faster (but that's probably because this isn't my first time). Last time, I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy pants almost the whole nine months (with the help of a belly band). THIS time, though, I am already feeling the need to head to a maternity clothing store. I am breaking out. Ugh! Seriously! I didn't even get breakouts like this when I was a teenager! Granted, it could be MUCH worse--I'm just a whiner when it comes to zits. It's really not that bad, but it didn't happen at all when I was pregnant with Gabriel. My skin is drier. I have crazy cravings this time around. I am SO MUCH moodier than I was last time. (Poor hubby) And this may be a little TMI, but I have already had to go buy bigger (maternity) bras - ack!

Anyway - all of the above makes me think I'm having a girl. Too many crazy hormones. Since I had Gabe, I have solidly affirmed that I would be completely okay with having only boys. Girls are moody and emotional and they come with far too many accessories for me to keep up with. I have always been a pretty simple, laid back girl (comparatively). I don't know if I can do the princess/barbie dolls thing. But now that I'm thinking this is a girl, I'm getting used to the idea.

Obviously, I'll take whatever I get. I'm not stupid or selfish enough to complain about having a baby - whatever the gender. I know that there are thousands upon thousands of people who would give anything to have a child. I am very grateful to be in my shoes.

But people need to understand that it's not all roses and butterflies. Pregnancy symptoms can suck. And I'm at that weird phase where people don't know if you're pregnant or just a little fat. I'm a little of both. I was a tad bit overweight pre-pregnancy. It has been 15 weeks now and I haven't gained any weight, which leads me to believe that I've lost personal weight and gained baby weight - creating a plateau in my weight gain (I'm totally fine with that). Weight gain or no, my clothes don't fit and that is incredibly frustrating. I can wear my pants, but they don't zip/button, so I have to wear a belly band. But then the belly band doesn't stay in place, so I occasionally flash my unzipped zipper/underwear to the general public - that's always nice. I'm uncomfortable.

Anyway - enough whining from me. Whatever this kid is (boy/girl), I'm excited to have a new little blob to dress up and cuddle and squish! Next week I'll be in breezy sun dresses kickin' back on the beaches of Oahu - that's enough to keep me going for now.

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