Friday, January 20, 2012

Life is a roller coaster

I was just reading a friend's blog and she just did a short post about how life is really great for her right now. She is happy, plain and simple.

Now, just so you understand, this friend and I go way back. Like....WAY back. We've known each other since we were about 11 years old. We were BEST FRIENDS for a long time. Something happened toward the end of high school. We both changed, and it didn't seem to suit our friendship. We had a bit of a falling-out. Part of me was sad about it and part of me kind of just blew it off. Sounds heartless to blow of a friendship like that, I know, but that's just part of my personality. I don't put a lot of stock into whether people like me or not. Anyway, life moved on for both of us. We were part of the same group of friends growing up and "the group" gets together when possible once a year or so. We are all civil with each other, though I am absolutely certain that there are several people who dislike 'him' or 'her' these days.

Anyway, former bestie and I have both reached several (different) milestones in our lives since high school. We're both married. She has a degree and is an officer in the United States Air Force. I have a two year old son. We have both done our share of traveling. I can honestly say, all past grievances aside, I am (and have been) very happy for her. I'm over whatever caused the rending of our friendship asunder and really don't care about that immature crap anymore. So yes, K, if you are reading this I hope you know that I am truly happy for you and T! I hope life continues on in your favor and I wish you all the best.   :-)

. . .

Until earlier this week, I was feeling similarly about life. Things have been great! I have an awesome, smart, funny, adorable kiddo. My husband is the best man a person could be blessed with. I live in a great house, situated in a quiet and safe neighborhood. We have plenty of food to eat, clean water to drink, comfortable beds to sleep in, and the list goes on. We have been happy and lucky.

Let's go to Tuesday earlier this week. I get off work at 2pm (yeah--I work the early shift, which is bitter-sweet) and receive a phone call a few hours later. That was to be my last day working for that company.


Wait. What?

Yeah--they're "making changes". Well isn't that just great? My full-time job was bringin' home the bacon for the family for the time being. Hubby is a full time communications major (20 credits this semester--oi) and ROTC cadet and Army Reservist. He commissions this spring and we were headed to Texas, y'all!!

Maybe not. Moving to Texas would be expensive and the Army won't pay for the move since hubby isn't active duty (we have TCU to thank for that--we all really appreciate you guys taking twice as many contracts as you were supposed to!! Don't worry, it's only OTHER PEOPLES' ENTIRE LIVES YOU'RE SCREWING UP.), so this move would be coming out of our pockets. With my pay, though, we could more than handle it. No biggie. But I guess I would need to actually still be employed in order to get the paycheck, huh?

So yeah. There's that. We're working on finding out if we can *gulp* stay in....*sigh* Utah....for another year or so. There may be some open slots up in or near Salt Lake City that hubby could fill, and there are a handful of civilian jobs he can put in his resume for if there aren't any open AGR spots. We would only have to stay here for another year or two...but I was SO counting on getting out of here. Utah is great, but I'm sick of it and I don't want to raise my kids in "the bubble".

So that's a huge part of the reason why I didn't get the "Ask a..." posted yet. It's postponed for the time being, but I'll see about getting it published ASAP.

P.S. My cat may or may not have run away last night...

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