Wednesday, November 30, 2011



Life has caught hold of me and I'm having a hard time tearing away to blog. November is a near impossibility for me. Just too much going on, so I'm lucky if I have enough time to eat and bathe outside of all the other stuff I have going on.

I keep thinking "December will be better. I only have Christmas to worry about." But that's not true either. I also have the bajillion Christmas parties. And relatives visiting. (My sister and niece are coming to our house for Christmas this year!! I'm so excited! She was deployed last Christmas and will be deployed next Christmas, so I claimed them this year!) There are also gifts to be purchase, wrapped, and delivered. And cookies to be made. And about a million other things. I'm really trying to prioritize.

Hubby and I have set some family goals and I am really excited to see them met. It will mean a more efficient daily/weekly/monthly routine for each of us and better health. It will also make for more free time and less stress. I could really do with all of those.

So rest assured, people, I'll get back on track. It will just take a bit more time, so bear with me!

Thanks for sticking around!

P.S. I am currently dealing with a horrible case of the Terrible Twos that cropped up out of NOWHERE. What happened to my sweet, happy little toddler?? His new favorite word:  "Nnno!" *grumble*

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