Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy November

I know, I know. I haven't posted much of anything lately. November is a crazy month for our family! Mine and McKay's anniversaries (yes, with an 'S'--this year we celebrated our 1st and 5th wedding anniversaries!) are at the beginning of the month. We also have my birthday (two days ago), G's birthday (tomorrow!) and my mom's birthday. The first weekend McKay had drill, this past weekend we had a mini vacation, tomorrow is my little monster's birthday party, this weekend McKay has an overnight FTX (field training exercises--land navigation, weapons training, survival, etc) with his ROTC unit--we also have family pictures this weekend (that should be interesting since they are supposed to happen right after he gets home....in 35 degree weather...yay!) and then next week is Thanksgiving and....ugh....black Friday. 

Whatever. I can handle it. I just always have something going on or something coming up that I have to prepare for. On top of normal things like eating and showering and--oh yeah!--I work full time.

So the blog suffers. Boooo!! I don't want it to! But in November that can't really be helped. Good news! My second monthly "Ask A..." posts tomorrow! This month is "Ask A Deployed Soldier"!

Anyway, thanks for hangin in there with me! Apologies to all my blog-world friends. I haven't had time to read OR write, but I'll play catch-up ASAP.

P.S.--I plan on doing a follow-up post about my BFOP experience too! I had a blast, by the way!

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