Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Best Friend Of The Program



I am going to be on the radio this morning! Maybe. Well yeah. I'll be in the studio, at least. My FAVORITE radio morning show, X96's Radio From Hell, has a weekly feature called BFOP (best friend of the program) where they bring a listener or two into the studio.

Needless to say, I'm stoked!!

I just have to say this: They really are the best morning show ever. I have lived in many places and have never found anyone that can come close. I've lived in St Louis (shout out to my Cards for winning the series, by the way!), Chicago, Pensacola, Houston, Honolulu....etc..... NO ONE does a better show. I always find my way back to Utah for whatever reason (my personal thoughts? Utah is a black hole that just keeps sucking you back in....BEWARE) and THANK. GOODNESS. FOR THAT. far as radio is concerned...

I swear there's some handbook that they pass out to morning show hosts with the same jokes and games and stupid gimmicks. They have all reached into the same goodie bag filled with the same crap, after being given the same promises of loyal listeners. And most of them probably do have "loyal listeners". My guess is that they have them by default because the poor saps have nothing better to listen to.

Well guess what? I do. Radio From Hell has turned around many a crappy morning, my friends. The mix of personalities is as close to perfect as I've heard and their features never fail to entertain. They are unique and honest and hilarious and such a breath of fresh air!

I know a lot of people who don't really listen to the radio like they used to anymore--they plug in their iPods instead. This is worth turning off the iPod for a few hours! Those of you in the area need to tune in to FM 96.3 in the mornings. For those who are...let's say....less can subscribe to their podcast (Radio From Hell by Simmons Media, LLC) for free and enjoy at your leisure.

Anyway--I have to leave! Headed to the studio...


  1. did it go????? That's so cool!

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