Thursday, October 13, 2011

The day a box of stuff changed my attitude

Y'all, I am SO excited. I GOT MY SWAPOWEEN PACKAGE!!

So I had a chiropractor appointment yesterday--a new Dr./new office. They have an in-house massage therapist, so I made an appointment for a massage before my adjustment and evaluation (my knees are seriously messed up, guys.) This cute little massage therapist comes into the room and gives the usual schpeel about telling her if you want her to go deeper or lighter--yeah yeah--I get it.

She started with my feet and I can usually take a pretty deep massage to the foot and this felt pretty light, so I told her she could go deeper. She did. And boy did I regret it! She got to my back and was doing that thing where they run their forearm/elbow up the middle, adjacent to your spine....Oh. My. Gosh. I was DYING!! That woman is deceptive! You don't think you're going to get a super deep massage like that from such a tiny little lady. I I was face down (of course) and thank goodness because I was mouthing every dirty curse word I had ever heard in my life. I really thought I was going to pass out at one point. I said "uhh...that kinda hurts..." and she goes "Oh, I bet! You're poor back! It's so tight!" and continues along....

Found out later she's a body builder. For reals, yo. Go figure.

So anyway, we're driving home from my appointment (I felt like someone beat the crap out of me, but I'm going to feel AWESOME in a day or so!!) and M. is talking about chores and projects that need to be worked on when we get home. I am dreading walking in my front door because all I want to do is take a nap! We get to the doorstep and what do I see?

My swap package!!

I wasn't expecting it quite yet! Everyone likes getting mail and packages even more so--I was PUMPED! Totally lifted my spirits. Sorry hubby--all that other crap is gonna have to wait!

Since I know you're dying to see what I got, here it is!!

BAHahahaha--you thought you were going to get to see everything in that picture, didn't you? Okay, here it is for reals now:

Okay, so those were just pictures of the card she included. Here's the stuff. For really reals this time:

[Don't mind the toddler mess in the background...]

1- Halloween picture frame - so cute! I'm going to put a picture of Gabe as a monkey from last year in it for now
2- TONS of chocolate candy eyeballs!
3- BH&G Halloween catalog!! She just met me and she already knows my newest weak spot--crafts!
4- Ring Pops! Strawberry for me and...something blue for the boys!

5- Black Halloween-y roses
6- Cute little pumpkin treat boxes--I love that she did the treats in threes so we could each have one...but who says I have to share??
7- Halloween socks

8- Super cute black witch boot decoration
9- Halloween kitchen towel, hot pad, and oven mitt
10- Really awesomely cute spider votive candle holders! I have to say--I was all kinds of excited when I saw these and then my heart sank. I don't like to have candles lit in my house with a toddler running around. Bummer! I started thinking of other things I could put in them until I saw--
11- Battery-powered LED tea lights. Oh hells yeah! She thought of everything! They even came WITH BATTERIES! I got all kinds of excited all over again!

So I was gathering everything up after taking pictures and noticed that those millions of chocolate eyeballs have FILLINGS. How long has this been going on?? When I was a kid, they were just chocolate. Bonus points if they weren't hollow.
Fancy-pants chocolate eyeballs. 
And yes--that is glitter all over my hand. It's from the spiders--there is glitter everywhere now! It's glorious!! (Glitter is the herpes of the craft world)

This is how stinkin cute my new decorations are:

I used some extra eyeballs to fill up the boot and made it into a "vase".

And check out my cute new Halloween kitchen stuff!

I was EXHAUSTED after all that gift-receiving....chores and projects can wait....

Thanks for the great Swapoween package, Kristin! And thanks to Angie and Beth for hosting! I think my first swap was a great success--mostly due to awesome hosts and a fantastic partner!

P.S. Gabe loved the candy, Kristin! See for yourself!!


  1. WHOO HOO!!!! I love the pictures!! I am so happy you liked the package! I totally got you the LED tea lights because I too have had toddlers and know the safety drill..I LOVE how you set up the boot and flowers with the eyeballs...I personally liked the eyeball candies and ate several as I packaged your goodies..I got your package today and I am THRILLED with everything..

    <3 always~


  2. You are so right...glitter IS the herpes of the craft world! That cracked me up!

    Must go search out filled eyeballs!!!! (say that in a zombie-like voice!)

  3. What a great package that is! Im soooo glad you loved it! And your baby is soooo stinking cute!

  4. HOW CUTE IS THAT VIDEO!?! Ok, how old is Gabe? Emma will be 2 in December. He's just precious.

    Wow! She totally ROCKED with your package! I so should have done it. I love that boot and how you arranged the roses in there. I'll have to hop over to Kristin's page and see if she's received yours yet!

  5. Your swap package totally rocked! Lovin' the witches boot

  6. You got a lot of cute stuff; very nice!

  7. The spider candle holders are so cute! I love seeing what everyone got-- gives me ideas for next year!