Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reach Out

Hey y'all! Don't forget! It's the last day to enter the giveaway! YOU could win a free whole month supply of Green Tea Daily!! This stuff is awesome, guys--it really is. I give GTD a good portion of the credit for keeping me going every day with this crazy schedule of mine and for helping me along with my health goals. It's so much easier to want to exercise when you feel great and have lots of energy.

I really hope you win it! Yes, YOU!!

There are a handful of entry opportunities, and it will take you less than three minutes, I bet. (Actually I know--I made it super easy for you to enter!) So don't wait--enter today before the giveaway closes (tonight at time zone? some other random time zone? we'll see--it will be one of the U.S. time zones though)!!

And then after the giveaway closes, sit tight because I've got a few new monthly features starting! At least one of them will be a link up so you can participate in the fun too! I love link ups because they are great opportunities to meet other bloggers and make new friends - if we can become more united, build understanding,  and increase our networking webs - all while having fun, I will have accomplished a big goal of mine! We're all here reaching out in some way or another, aren't we? Some bloggers want to share life events and stories, others want to share crafts and recipes, some wish to educate and others, entertain. (And some just want to read what all of these people have written, which I have no problem with!) It's more rewarding when you have more people to share with.

Don't be afraid to reach out! Participate! Link up! [Enter the giveaway!] Share with us!

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