Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The other day (and, really, when I say could mean any time in the past month or so--but in this instance, it was really just a few days ago) I was out having a girls night with a friend of mine. Now this friend is that friend that you end up chatting with for hours, neglecting all other responsibilities. That friend that you go to say goodbye and you're still talking 45 minutes later. Yeah. That one. We chat it up like you wouldn't believe.

Anyway--we were having a GNO and she was taking me back to my house after dinner and we ended up talking in her car for like two hours, so it was close to midnight (on a WORK NIGHT) by the time I got inside my house to go to bed. (If she is reading this--don't feel bad. We have great talks and I always enjoy them. Plus, I've had a newborn, so I've lived off of less that two hours of sleep for over a month). While hubby and I (he waited up for me--sucker! lol Love you honey) were getting ready for bed, we heard a neighbor's car alarm go off - it was just the thing where the horn honks repeatedly. It turned off after a minute, so we didn't think anything of it.

I was getting into my car the next morning and there was some...stuff...on my seat. Stuff that is normally in the glove box. I asked McKay why he got this stuff out and didn't put it back. He said he didn't.


We immediately realized that both of our doors were unlocked when we got to the car.  (It has been parked in the driveway lately due to large projects being harbored in the garage, so we're not used to having to lock our doors when we get home). We panicked. We both opened all of the compartments and whatnots in the car to see if anything was missing. Nope. But we don't leave cash or other valuable item in our car. Except my purse. Nothing was missing. Wait, where's my purse? Ohmygosh I took it inside last night. Miracle. I NEVER take my purse inside.

Then we realized -the car alarm the night before- we must not have been the only ones.

We had a prowler in the neighborhood! D's car alarm probably scared the little hoodlum off. I'm assuming it was just some punk kid looking for quick cash because our car had been rummaged through but nothing was missing.

But still!

I felt violated.

Have you ever had someone break into your house or car or go through your things without your permission? Ugh!! Tell me about it!

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