Monday, September 26, 2011

Entrepreneurial Endeavors....(I can use big words!)

Things are just moving forward faster than I can keep up! So you, dear readers, need to know what's up.

It all started a few weeks (maybe months) ago. I finally caught the crafting bug (I blame Pinterest!) after almost 25 years of being genetically predisposed to wanting to craft (right? ... isn't that how it works? you just have to be born and be a girl and you're automatically crafts-y....right?). I went to a few craft stores near my house and just went crazy. Hubby put on a smile and pretended to be okay with it, but I'm sure that he had a mini heart attack when he saw everything I brought many bags.....

I made some really super cute little crafts and then it dawned on me-- I should open an Etsy shop! I talked to McKay about it and he was totally supportive of the idea.

I got busy. I changed my Etsy account so I could sell things. I upgraded my PayPal account to Premier. I got started on a budget and pricing plans for my wares.

Somewhere in the midst of all this, I was contacted by Green Tea Daily. They mentioned "giveaway" and I basically started jumping up and down with my hand raised, yelling "Me! Me! ME! OH, PICK ME!!!" And they did!

It was at that point that I decided I needed to get down to business. I changed the name of the blog and purchased I created a Twitter account just for MRN and created a facebook "page" for it as well (check out the sidebar!). I'm totally doing this. I have been blogging for years, but I have officially decided to dive into the deep end and attempt to swim with the big kids.

I can do this.

I can so totally do this.

I mean, I can be interesting, right?

I can do this.

There are a few new features that I'll be adding to the blog - one of which is so close to being ready, I could pee my pants. I'm very excited.

The Etsy shop is almost ready to go live, y'all.

And....? I have a giveaway just WAITING to be launched. I think I'm ready to do this thang.

Yogi Tea wisdom of the day (yes, I drink tea....delicious, organic, herbal tea....yummmmm):

May you have faith in your worth and act with wisdom.

Someone over there at Yogi knows me. I needed that this morning.

Stay vigilant--giveaway coming soon. As post. Tomorrow morning at the latest. ;-)

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