Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things I Would Do If I Didn't Have To Work

[In no particular order]

1. Play with my son more
Oh, how I would LOVE to have more time with my son. Right now I just feel like I work work work and then I come home and I've got a bajillion things to do (laundry, dinner, cleaning, laundry, blog, laundry) and I can never get enough time with G. I want to have more time to do all of the cute little activities that I pin up on Pinterest.

2. Read a LOT more books
I love books. I love reading. I have a "books to read" list as long as my Netflix queue (and I'm almost maxed out...whoops). IF I didn't have to work AND I was a good girl, I'd guilt my husband into getting me a Kindle and I would take it with me everywhere I went....go? No, went. Oh, I don't care.

3. Learn a couple of new languages
I took Spanish in high school, but Spanish in high school is like....Kindergarten. You learn the alphabet and numbers and colors and shapes and seasons and days of the week....but nothing REALLY useful. So I'd work on my Spanish, for sure. I would also dedicate a lot more time to learning American Sign Language (my vocab is pretty limited). Oh! OH!! I would also really really really love to learn Gaelic. How cool would that be??

4. Take a sculpting class (art - not aerobics)
I don't draw. I suck at painting. But I was always quite the sculptor with the play-doh and modeling clay. Even after high school I was always buying Model magic and creating little characters. My mom (who is an amazing artist--the woman can draw, paint, create like you wouldn't believe) begged me for a few of the characters I had made once and I took it as a huge compliment. She suggested I take up sculpting and I never took her seriously until recently. I think I would really love it and might possibly be pretty good at it!

5. Finish my degree
School. Schooooool. I miss it. Am I crazy? I would love to AT LEAST go back and finish my Graphic Design degree. Ideally, I would change my major to Economics and would actually possibly double major in Economics and Digital Media (or something in that area). Yeah. That sounds good.

6. Finish my book
Yes, finish. I started a book years ago and have never found the time to work on it. I would really love to finish it.

Oh man - as most of you know by now, I've caught the bug. Everywhere I go, I see a potential craft to be made. And I'm always thinking "I be I could do/make that myself..."

8. Learn to cook new things
I have always enjoyed cooking and LOVE to learn new things in the kitchen. The Food Network is my favorite channel. By FAR. Plus, it's so incredibly rewarding to eat something you just made that tastes AMAZING.

9. Travel
Is there an explanation needed for this one? There are SO many places I would love to see and experience. I have a pin board for it. I will see the world someday.

10. Have more babies
Oh yes. If I didn't have to work full-time, I would most definitely have (or at least TRY to have) a couple more kids. I think that would be lovely....

What would YOU do if you didn't have to work?

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  1. What a great list! Nicely done!

  2. I love how nearly every one of your items is creative.

  3. This reminds me a lot of my list. I'd love to have another baby, too! :)

    Stopping over from Mama Kat's.