Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Little Guy

I don't normally do posts dedicated to parenting or my son on this blog. (I have a whole other blog dedicated to that...) I can't help it though. He is my favorite little guy and his presence in my life is the biggest blessing I have ever received. Gabriel is the absolute light of my life (not to diminish the light and love that my husband brings into my life, because he is absolutely amazing!). A mother's love for her child is like no other thing on this planet. It is almost tangible. 

I am incredibly happy to be a mother. Even more so to be a mother to a son. And even more so to be MY SON'S mother. He is such a funny, adorable, interesting person. Like most parents, I love to just sit and watch him....just to see what he will do. This only works for a small period of time before they realize that you're watching them and then they either stop acting natural, or they want to involve you in whatever they're doing.

One day, McKay and I took Gabriel to the park near our house. Gabe LOVES to be outside. We set him down and just let him wander. I decided to follow him with my phone and these are the pictures of his little boy adventure.

Gotta test out the puddles and potholes...

The boy loves him some rocks! He saw this one off the path and it stopped him dead in his tracks! Carried it around for at least a half hour....

It's a toddler rule that if you see little pieces of something colorful or shiny, you MUST investigate. In this case, they were little plastic tube pieces from a broken old-school jump rope...

And, of course, the journey ended with Dad. Gabriel is always down for some guy time.

I really just can't imagine my life without my little squirt running around acting crazy and making messes. I don't even want to.

I keep seeing this quote and I can't help but agree whole-heartedly: "Having a child is to forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

He is my heart. My joy. My life.

I love my sweet boy.

[Photos and video in this post are from April and May 2011]

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