Friday, July 1, 2011

Please let the power go out in the building so I can go home and take a really long nap.....

I confess... I am usually pretty good at keeping my cool with even the most frustrating, stupid, rude customers and clients, but I have almost lost it more than once this week. Seriously. This |-| close to freaking out.

I confess... I keep seeing running motivation "posters" on Pinterest and it really bugs. Since I blew out my knee, I can't run. I have personally witnessed many of my friends catch the "runner's high" and I'm kinda jealous.

I confess... Even if I didn't have a crap knee and could run, I probably still wouldn't. I hate running. Even when I was in EXCELLENT shape, I hated running. It's probably because I don't sweat, so I overheat really easily and my face turns bright red and I start feeling really sick, rather quickly.

I confess... McKay and I started a workout routine at home (the stuff I did in high school after I injured my knee and couldn't stay in shape the way I used to - it's also the routine I used to prepare for the pageant). We both have certain weight goals (me to lose weight, him to bulk up....even more...for whatever reason...) and we took "before" pictures. When I saw my before picture, I almost cried. I really don't like myself right now. I have never been in such bad shape. I didn't know I looked this bad though. Seeing the picture motivated me even more to stick to the workout routine and keep healthy eating habits. I'm doing it. Lost five pounds so far. In less than a week!

I confess... No one will EVER see that picture. It's gross.

I confess... I am sore every day. It sucks and feels fantastic at the same time. I feel alive, healthy, and strong!

I confess... I really don't want to be at work today. My stomach doesn't feel the greatest and I'm just BEAT...this week has taken a toll on me. And we're busy all weekend. Ugh.

I confess... I just deleted this confession because it could get me into trouble.

Link 'er up people! CONFESS!

Holla to Mamarazzi!


  1. Before pictures are ALWAYS hard. Oh man. My husband & I did that in February & it was not pretty. You're definitely right about it giving one the motivation to continue.

    Good luck with it all =)

    Happy Friday!

  2. You are beautiful, and that's why before pictures are before pictures. SO the ones after look even better!

    We can do this!