Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gettin' back TO IT

I am a lazy blogger as of late. Life has been crazy busy with work and mommying/wifery and a somewhat respectable social life (okay, not really on that last one - but I have had more things in my schedule than usual lately). I have been so tired and run-down! I get home and fall asleep on the couch only to be woken up by an all-too-energetic toddler ("No, thank you, Gabriel. Mommy doesn't want to try your cracker. You eat it.") and reminded of the fact that I still have dinner to make and laundry to do. But I do love it ever-so-much! I am very blessed to be so busy.

Thank goodness for that sweet husband of mine! He has quite the schedule to keep up with as well with school (yes--ALL YEAR) and ROTC crap and drill (oh yeah--he's a cadet AND a reservist....) and on top of all that--being the best daddy and husband one could ever hope for. He helps out around the house and is always quick to jump into the imaginary world of our curious little Gabriel. And bless his heart--he is so patient with me! The laundry is not always done in a timely manner and heaven knows dinner is far from being done by 6:30 most of the time. He never hesitates to rub my feet or take Gabe to the park when mommy needs a nap.

And guess what else he did?

He got us tickets to see Broadway Across America's production of Les Miserables at Capitol Theater!

I tell you - I picked him for a darn good reason.

The show was absolutely amazing. Seriously. The sets were gorgeous and the music was just.....oh--OUTSTANDING. What excellent vocalists and actors! It was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture from my awesome hubby. I needed a break, for sure.

But it's time I got off my lazy exhausted tookus and did some blogging. I have a handful of posts in the works here, but I will be focusing my efforts on the baby blog for the next few days (I have some major catching up to do!)

I swear I'll get back on and get posting here ASAP though!

P.S. I have to give a shout out to the lovely Kara over at freckles and rouge.

She recently posted about Pinterest, and I am currently obsessed. I may be for a while. I had heard of it before, but never visited until her persistent urging piqued my interest - or should I say my PINTEREST? Eh? Eh? *elbow nudge*

Seriously though. You should check it out. I'm not even going to tell you what it's all about. Just go read the About page.

Kara was right.

It's like crack.

After you go check it out and realize how awesome it is and then request an invite (that's right--this isn't like MySpace, people. You have to request an invitation.) you can click on the button in my sidebar to follow me and my crazy pinboards.

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