Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MAKE IT STOP!!! (I need a vacation...)

Okay so I am suuuuuper pissed off and annoyed right now. I was trying to record my dumb vlog and I didn't even want to do it today. I look like crap and I don't have the patience to make myself look presentable. But I HAD to get it done because it's already late. It's late because I have had family in town and life has been busy and frustrating, but mostly just busy. So I FINALLY go to do my vlog TODAY (yes, the day after it was supposed to be posted, which means it should have already been completed before today).  The first take was way too long. I rambled. The second take I kept losing my train of thought because my son was crying. There were several other small messed up takes after that. I finally got one that was relatively short and not great, but acceptable. I went to watch it really quick before posting it and there was no sound. None. I checked my volume and tested the other clips. The other clips worked. Grrr! So I decided to record another one. A couple of takes later, I got one that I liked even better than the one I was going to upload before. So I went to listen to it. Again--no sound. *Insert Frustrated Scream Here*

Screw it. Whatever. I just won't do it then. I figured I would try doing the show and tell part of the video. I went through that process ONCE and it worked. Fine. I'll take it.

Enter hubby.

"Hey, I need you to take a look at the computer. I can't scan this document and I don't know why it's not letting me."

*Side Note* I somehow became my family and extended family's personal tech support. I get phone calls about every tiny little thing and, while I'm happy to help, it can sometimes drive me crazy. I am somewhat technologically inclined. I know some stuff. But that doesn't mean that I want to replace the help menu or free telephone tech support!!

So I go upstairs and start an almost hour long struggle with our stupid printer. This thing is pretty much BRAND NEW. We got it only a month or two ago. It is a wireless printer/scanner/copier/etc. and for some reason, the printer and the scanner will start thinking that they're not on the same network. But they are. They ALWAYS are. It is SUCH A PAIN!!! So anyway, I fixed it of course and then hubby is nowhere to be found. I try to call him.

*head-->brick wall*

My phone sometimes pulls this crap where it decides to restart when I try to make a phone call. Why? I don't know. I guess I need to take it in and maybe exchange it. Again.

So here I am. Annoyed and pissed off and frustrated. Here is my video. It's only the show and tell portion of the vlog because the other part hates me. Whatever.

Shout out to Mamarazzi and Shawn for the Vlog of the Month and also to Beth for the show and tell suggestion!



  1. i may need a mommy hook. that thing is RAD!

    i love how opinionated you are about mint flavor.

    soooo many pockets. awesome.

    thanks for linking up!!!

  2. oh and i am sorry about all of your technical difficulties!! boo!

  3. oh and i am sorry about all of your technical difficulties!! boo!

  4. So, IRONICALLY, I go to listen to your vlog and my sound from my PC isn't working. I'll need to listen on my laptop. I'll be back...

    Technology sucks sometimes. I'm sorry you had so many problems!