Friday, April 22, 2011

Spillin' It

I confess...

When  my sister told me that she JUST sent out Easter stuff for Lily (her daughter, who is being cared for by our mother while she's deployed, who are both -along with my stepdad- are here visiting for Easter) on MONDAY--from JAPAN--I was annoyed. Hello! You're in Japan, you goose! She also sent Easter stuff for Gabe and fun Japanese stuff for the rest of us. But it could take up to ten days to get to my house. And she wants us to wait to celebrate Easter until her stuff gets here. I am thinking "Uh--no. Not fair to the kids!" but then she reminded me that they're so young that they won't care or know the difference anyway. Fine. But we're still dying eggs and doing the Easter egg hunt ON EASTER and I don't care if you sent an awesome egg-dying kit--we're NOT WAITING!!

I confess...

I hate my cat. I mean--I love her. She's totally adorable and super chill and great with Gabriel and easy-going. But I hate seeing cat hair everywhere. No matter how much we brush her or how much we clean, those suckers show up in every nook and cranny and it's driving me insane!! Plus, I hate smelling the litter box--and we have done everything to remedy that too. We got a covered box with a scented filter and put it in the corner of a mostly unused room, surrounded by plugins. No dice. I want to give her away. NOT KIDDING

I confess...

I am SO not a morning person. Pretty much everyone knows this about me. I hate waking up. It's my least favorite thing to do every day. I have a snooze button problem. I downloaded an alarm clock app on my phone that makes you solve a math problem before it will let you snooze or dismiss the alarm....and I still get at least 3-5 snoozes in before finally rolling out of bed. It's sad.

I confess...

I have gained all of the weight back that I lost last fall. I am so disappointed in myself.

I confess...

Part of me feels like linking up to some of my favorite bloggers is the equivlent of bloggity "selling out". Am I? I guess I really don't believe that--or maybe I'm just trying to convince myself. It is nice to have a writing prompt to keep myself in what I deem to be an "active blogger" status. I don't want every post to be a link-up though, and I know a lot of bloggers who do that. I just want to assure my readers (and lurkers--I know you're out there, you "private" followers!!) that I will do my best to make the majority of my posts my own original writing/thought process. I promise.

So....this IS a link up....couldn't help can link up too!


P.S. I confess...

I had to go back and edit and re-publish this post four times to correct spelling and grammatical errors... I am right there with you, Mamarazzi!!

P.P.S. I confess...

I just had to do it a fifth time to fix that ^ P.S. ...I am on the verge of a breakdown. TGIF!!!


  1. You have cat hair. I have dog hair. It's disgusting, isn't it?

    I am so not a morning person either. I'm all kinds of grumpy for about 30 mintues...sometimes longer. I bet my family and friends would love me to drink coffee but I'm convinced it's poison.

    Throw the scale out. I hate those things. (I weigh myself every other day almost)

  2. Cat hair, Dog hair, we have both and if I fall behind in the vacuuming, the floor needs a shave. I've fallen behind and not only does the floor need a shave, the dust dinosaurs are going to come get me.
    I run on auto pilot until about 9:00am. the me you see before then is not really me,it's just an imitation.