Thursday, April 14, 2011

A new venture? and Why I think "fame" is stupid...

Okay, so after that vlog post earlier this week, I am SERIOUSLY thinking about making it a regular thing. I will probably just let it stay in my youtube channel though....with the occasional post on the blog. I will most likely link up with Mamarazzi and Shawn for the vlog of the month.

I need to stress that I am thinking about doing it. Possibly. Having a full-time job+a one-year-old+a house to take care of and bellies to feed/cook for+a couple of blogs (this one and this one)+my photography (which has been depressingly lacking lately) makes me a busy woman. Add a vlog to that and you get: TAPPED OUT. Because if I do it, I'm pretty sure I'll want to do my best to do it right...which means there will be editing involved. Probably only in iMovie, but still--I'll have to put some effort into it.

So that brings me to this:

Is it worth it?

I don't know. I'm still debating. I've rolled some ideas around in my head. We'll have to see. I think it could be really fun. PLUS my childhood dream of being "discovered" may come true! Maybe some director somewhere will stumble across my ramblings and think, "By jove, I've FOUND HER!!" and then I'll get ta be in a movin' pikcha! That's pretty far-fetched and it will most likely never happen. But if I DO decide to do the vlog thing at least I'll have the consolation of knowing that I put myself out there, right? I have actually been contacted by some independent film directors/producers in the past, but they were out of state and I didn't have the means to travel.

This reminds me of a mini-tangent thought I've been wanting to share. I really really really think that being a celebrity would suck. Major. Junk. Never having any privacy? Can't just bum it for a day? No thank you! If I have a bad day or get into a tiff with someone, I don't want to be in a magazine or all over the internet and tv because of it. You can't have an off-day when you're a "celebrity". Ew. And then you have all of these people telling you how to look and how to dress and who to be. Everyone is watching. All the time.

And that's another thing!! The whole idea of "celebrity" is just stupid to me. They are treated like American royalty. And for what? BEING THE COURT JESTERS. That's right. I said it. That's really all they are. Why are we glorifying and paying millions of dollars to the people that simply entertain us? That's all they do. That's their job. Sing for the people! Act for the people! Dance for the people! So what are they? Royalty or the court jesters? 

I don't understand the glorification of these people. Sure, a lot of them are talented. But so are thousands of others. These people just happened to know someone who knows someone who happens to have an 'in'. They eat and shower and poop just like the rest of us. So what makes them so special? They simply have a job that pays them way too much. Get over it. I have personally seen many a "celebrity" and all I did was think "Huh...that was Charlize Theron....that couch is FUGLY." (I saw her in a furniture store in Park City) or something similar. I don't freak out. I don't ask for autographs or pictures. (Okay that's a lie--I saw Morgan Spurlock once and asked him if he would stop for a picture--but I love his work. His documentaries are actually pretty interesting.) I DO, however, thank military personnel and ask to shake the hands of veterans. I admire firefighters and police officers who don't abuse their authority. I am in awe of people like neurosurgeons and the doctor who did my C-section (that guy deserves the medical equivalent of an academy award--seriously!) and others who save lives.

In closing, I would like to say that I think we, as a people, are absolutely ridiculous when it comes to celebrities and who we make famous and put on a pedestal. I would also like to reach out to you guys and ask: What do you think of the vlog idea? Should I do it?

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  1. love this stream of thoughts, you make me laugh.

    i think the whole idea of vlogging more than once a month sounds like a lot of fun. i am sure your readers will love it...BUT...i hope you will still come and play with Shawn and ME on The Monthly VLOG!