Monday, March 14, 2011

Fredette Fever...oi..

I live in Utah. I am CONSTANTLY hearing about Jimmer Fredette. If you live under a rock, don't have a television, or are otherwise immune to all the talk and don't know who that is, read his athlete profile here. He currently plays basketball for Brigham Young University. He's a great player and an invaluable asset for the team. People around the nation are amazed at his abilities. People in Utah are pretty pumped about him. People in Utah county (especially the Provo area) practically worship him. I am, quite frankly, annoyed by these people.

I am sure Jimmer is a nice guy. And, yeah--he's talented. But COME ON PEOPLE!! Give it a rest!! All the zoobs (BYU students) walk around with their heads held high, beaming with pride because their school's basketball team is doing so well. To those people, I say: "Take it down a few notches. Just because you wear a shirt or a ball cap with a "Y" on it doesn't mean that you get to act all high and mighty because BYU is doing well. You get to be proud when you're one of the ones wearing the jersey, you ********** (choice words)"

Every time I turn on a television and flip past a channel discussing college ball, Jimmer's name comes up. People bring up his stats (which are pretty impressive) and start going off about his out-of-this-world skills. The man has a scoring record of 52 points in a game. Let me spell that for you - FIFTY TWO. That is outstanding. The sportscasters say that even guys in the NBA don't have that record. Fredette's beats theirs by at least a point or two. But he's not a basketball god.

Let's get a few things straight. I will absolutely agree that Jimmer is a great ball player. But keep in mind he plays COLLEGE BALL. He is a great player regardless, but he is being hoisted up and hailed a sports phenom and they're comparing him to professional players. Let me repeat myself--HE IS A COLLEGE ATHLETE. He is playing against other college athletes. His team is beating other college teams. They aren't playing against professionals, people. BYU is NOT an amazing team. They're a good team that wouldn't win near as often as they do if it weren't for Fredette. Most of the time, over half of BYU's points are scored by one man, and I'll bet you know who that is. That makes HIM good. Not the whole team. Granted, he wouldn't be free to score so many points if he weren't backed up by a decent team, so I'll give that to BYU. They play well because they've got good players and morale is high. Morale is high because they win. They win because of Fredette. One person can't make a team. That's all I'm sayin'....

In conclusion (and to launch a preemptive defense against attacks that may come from crazed fans and overzealous BYU students/defenders), I am NOT saying that BYU isn't a good team. They are. And I'm certainly not saying Fredette isn't an outstanding basketball player--he is. For now. He is outstanding compared to other college players. He's great even in the grand scheme of things. One thing that everyone needs to be cognizant of is that we are watching him play against college talent. If and when he goes pro, we'll see if his average per-game score stays at the level it's at now. Let's talk when he's playing with/against men like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Again--I'm not saying that he won't be good in the NBA. He probably will be. But he's not going to be the basketball god that everyone makes him out to be. He'll just be a good player. Which is what he is now. He is not God's gift to the BYU basketball program.


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