Saturday, January 29, 2011


I'm at work right now. It's totally dead in here, so I've assigned myself some unnecessary training modules to keep me busy. The guy next to me is driving me crazy. When he answers the phone, he does so at a volume that most people would consider somewhat annoying. For me, though, it is infuriating. When I am on the phone, the people I'm talking to can hear him loud and clear and they always comment about how "Wow....that guy is loud...." Yeah. I know. And the stuff he says to people is so idiotic. How long have you been working here? As if his loud, obnoxious, stupid call handling isn't bad enough--he plays horrible music and pounds out the beat on his desk while he's not on a call.

He must be dealt with.

I'm considering a few solutions to my problem. All but on of them are violent. The peaceful one would leave me without a paycheck, though, so I'm pretty sure maiming him is going to be the best option for my family's welfare.

What have YOU done about annoying coworkers in the past?

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