Thursday, January 13, 2011

So sue me...

The last time I posted....was a long time ago. Sorry about that. I promise I have a valid excuse. Many, actually.

October and November were crazy months for me. October was my last month in Hawaii. Yeah--I know. Boo-hoo and all that....that's another post for another time. Maybe soon. Anyway - back on track - I spent the majority of my free time in October packing and organizing and planning and packing and packing. That on top of working 11 hour days training my replacement at Bank of Hawaii and taking care of my son and doing last minute touristy crap.

Crazy Town!!

So the day finally came. I headed to Honolulu International Airport with a baby, two giant suitcases, a carry-on bag, a backpack/diaper bag, a stroller and a big huge (but awesome) car seat. Let me tell you how NOT fun the check in process was... My flight was scheduled to leave at 10:50 pm--I booked a redeye so Gabe would (hopefully) sleep for the whole six-hour flight. The airport employees were tired and lazy and rude. Seriously--who just sits there and watches a single mom with a baby and a cart full of baggage struggle to transfer a giant car seat and four bags onto the agriculture check conveyor belt?!

"No, sir--please don't set down your crossword puzzle to help me. I've got this. Can you just make sure that baby in the stroller there doesn't roll into the street while I'm lifting these heavy, awkward bags and car seat onto this stupid ag check here...."

Ugh. Whatever. When we finally got on the plane, a partially drunk guy kept trying to talk to me...for hours. I didn't get to sleep much. Not that I would have been able to comfortably do so with Gabriel in my arms anyway. I brought the sleepy wrap and had him wrapped up in it for a good while--it was really nice to not have to actually hold him. But then he got hot and uncomfortable so I took him out and held him which meant not much sleep for me. Oh well. Welcome to flying with a baby. At least he slept the whole time and didn't cry or fuss!!

We had a layover in Phoenix and then we continued on to Yuma on the smallest little prop plane I've ever been on. Daisy picked us up at the tiny Yuma airport and we got to spend an AWESOME week with Daisy, Ray (Papa Ray--Gabriel's grandfather), Jasmin (Gabe's auntie), Racheal and the kids. Gabriel's first Halloween was so much fun! I'm so glad we got to spend it with Daisy and the gang. My mom was pretty bummed that she missed Gabe's first Halloween--but she got his first everything else!! Anyway, we had a blast. Check out the baby blog (specifically this post and this one) to see the posts and pics about that.

We flew from Yuma to Salt Lake City on November 3rd. That flight was annoying. There was a layover, but I scheduled my flights so that we wouldn't have to change planes for the layover. Well guess what? They had to do some unscheduled maintenance on the plane we were on, so we had to switch planes anyway. I checked Gabriel's stroller at the gate. It was checked through to my final destination. That means I had to hike it clear across the airport with two bags and a baby with no stroller...goodie. Whatever--we got on our connecting flight and landed in Utah. A few unexpected schedule changes made for a late pick up so I had to sit in SLC for an hour while McKay made his way to the airport. When he finally made it, though, it was like Christmas morning.

I kid you not.

I could have cried. Right there. But we had bags to haul and a car seat to install and an hourlong drive to make, so the crying would have to wait. 

The next few weeks were a whirlwind, to say the least. The 3rd was spent unloading and unpacking and shopping for essentials. McKay spent that morning moving his stuff and the boxes that I had sent from Hawaii into our new townhome, so we didn't have a lot of basic household items.

Putting together a home from scratch *again* sucks royally.

So the 4th was spent getting things together for our second wedding (second?!). I had to get a little baby suit and shoes for Gabe, shoes, tights and a dress for myself, matching ties for the boys, a hair cut for Gabriel (his first!!), and coordinate schedules with everyone. Some pictures of Gabe's first hair cut experience:

The next day (November 5th), McKay and I headed to the courthouse and had a simple marriage ceremony and then headed to the pretty, historic courthouse for pictures. That was followed by an awesome late lunch with our families at Tucanos, and an evening at home to chill. Here are a few pictures from the old courthouse:

The next weekend was Gabriel's First Luau (his first birthday party), which was a LOT more stressful than I thought it would be!! Gathering decorations and food and putting goodie bags together and making cakes and compiling RSVPs...oh man....I'm going simpler from now on!! It was fun, though, and Gabriel DOVE into his cake. It was awesome. One may even use the word "epic", but I don't pretend to believe that I can use that word as lightly as many. But it was pretty sweet. Check out the baby blog in a week or so for pics of that. (Forgive me--when I get it posted, I'll change that link so it takes you to the birthday post)

The next weekend, McKay had a three-day drill with the Army. Goodie. All of my spare time was spent unpacking and putting together the house while taking care of Gabriel's many needs (food, drink, bath, play time, naps, etc.)

And THEN...Thanksgiving, of course!! I was in charge of the Turkey this year *yikes!* I've never made a turkey before. I have cooked other whole birds, though, so I was only a little nervous. I was also in charge of mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, and PIE. McKay's mom did all the other little side dishes and stuffing and whatnot. I decided to brine my turkey and then just cook it how I usually do cornish hens.

It. Was. Amazing.
Seriously--best turkey I've ever had. Ever. And I'm not being biased just because I made it. It was moist and flavorful and tender....oh man....SO GOOD!!!

So that's what you've missed from...


Glee reference...please say somebody got that....

P.S. In case you haven't noticed, I added a new page up top called "Getting Crafty" where I'll post my latest projects and attempts at keeping my 'DIY' goal...

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  1. The fact that I missed not only the first wedding, but the SECOND is unacceptable. We need to remedy this soon :)