Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just close your eyes and imagine we're still eating school lunch....HEY! It worked!! Why are there still people in JNCO jeans??

Is it weird that I think it's weird that everyone is growing up and moving right along with life? It is? Huh....well, damn. I guess I'm weird.

Just a quick glimpse at the ol' facebook wall affirms a few things: 1-Everyone is, in fact, growing up. 2-I know I lot more people than I thought I did. 3-My Utah friends are doing MUCH different things than my non-Utah friends. For example: EVERYONE (pretty much) is engaged, already married, or has been married for a minute and has a kid (or two) or is expecting one. I think, "Man, that's crazy!!" But....oh yeah...I got married four years ago (and will be doing so the same person....later this year. But that's another post)....and I have a baby....and I have moved THIRTEEN TIMES in the past five years! THIRTEEN!! Count them!!! The Clark's-->Grandpa's-->apartment with Mimi-->back to Grandpa's-->apartment with Michelle-->Chicago (okay, Merrilville...close enough)-->McKay's family-->mine and McKay's apartment in Orem-->Mine and McKay's house-->Florida-->Texas-->back to Utah (college terrace...ugh...what a nightmare)-->Hawaii. BAM!! 13!! I am a nomad. I think being a military brat did it to me....I'm destined to never stay in one place for longer than four years. Even growing up in Spanish Fork we moved two or three times.

Also--a former friend/boyfriend called me out of the blue today. It was quite a surprise! We talked for probably an hour! Just catching up and laughing and "Remember when...?"ing. It was really weird talking to him. But cool. Always nice to chat with old friends! I must say--he hasn't changed A BIT (from what it sounded like) since the last time we were on happy terms with each other. Not one bit. And it has been six years. That's really saying something considering the fact that we were teenagers six years ago.

I'm point? Time friggin FLIES!! Not much has changed, but SO MUCH has changed!! I saw pictures from my five year class reunion (I wasn't able to attend...stuck in Hawaii....I'm not too broken up about it) and from what I can tell, as I was just saying to an old friend of mine, the girls are all married and a lot of them have a kid and half have graduated college. The guys....are almost done with college and half are married. Other than those things, not a lot has changed amongst my former schoolmates. Some are balding (HIM?! Really?? Already?!?!) some gained a bunch of weight, some lost a bunch of weight, and a LOT of them--and I mean a LOT--married each other. Or they married each others' siblings. Or a person within two class years up or down. VENTURE OUT, PEOPLE!! I get a good chuckle every time I see that one of our classmates has adopted the last name of another. In any case, I wish each and every one of them the very best of luck and happiness in all of their (legal and non-malicious-intended) endeavors!

And now in the spirit of nostalgia and remembering the good ol' days, some old pictures that I found in a folder (that has been hiding from me for a while) when I was clearing out my photobucket account to make room for more relevant crap:

Post-HS. From the looks of this picture, I thought I was hot shiz on this

 The Tramels! That's my little sister on the left, then me, my dad and my older brother. Not a bad looking group if you ask me!! This was when my dad came to see me in the pageant. Speaking of which, I found a pic from that too and decided to put it in the weight loss page so we can have a better understanding of what I'm trying to get BACK TO....oh boy...

 I suppose these next two need a bit of an explanation. Candace was in photography class and needed to take some pictures for an assignment. She insisted that I be her model. We went out into the yard and she posed me (she would NOT let me do my own poses!) and snapped away. Every time I see these pictures I get a good chuckle. I guess you had to be there...

 This was from when McKay and I spent a summer working in Chicago. Man, was it a blast! This picture was taken on the bottom floor of the Sears Tower right before we went up to the observation level. The picture behind me is a comparison of the Sears Tower to some other structures around the world that are considered "big" or "tall" question--Where is Shaq?

 Oh boy. A picture of me doing some stand-up and Fat, Dumb, and Happy's. Those were the days.

 Proof of just how gosh-darned strange I am...I'm both proud and ashamed that that hasn't really changed much

 This one was taken on the fateful night that I met Michael B. at the comedy club, which led to a whole mess of wonderful memories, awesome (and some not-so-awesome) people, and great experiences. (We're posed like that because I told him Candace thought he had a good lookin tush and he insisted that we take this picture for her)

 Aahh! This one is from my summer trip to St George with my very dear friend Mitch in 2005...good times...

 Senior Prom. My date (Tyler--awesome guy) MADE that lei for me instead of getting a corsage! Cool cool COOL!!

 This was taken the morning of the day that Greg and I made SFHS Debate team history (I'm pretty sure) and won a round of Open (varsity) Policy Debate at the 2004 USC Debate Invitational. Holla!! We totally made a full page spread in the year book. That means you're awesome, doesn't it?

 This is either a picture of me and a very dear friend of mine shopping in California during debate tournament down time....or it's a picture of me and a very dear friend of mine shopping for pageant shoes for Miss Spanish Fork 2005. (I most certainly did not win, for those who were wondering and didn't know. Thank. Goodness.)

That is all. I hope you enjoyed that short little trip down memory lane! I guess it would mean a lot more to the people who had something to do with any of the pictures....*shrug* meh

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  1. Ashley!! I love this picture of us! we are so hott! :) And you're so right- can you believe how much has happened in the last 5 years? And how much hasn't really changed. I loved reading this. When are you coming to Utah? Congratulations on getting remarried too! I love you!