Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So embarrassing....

This sucks. I'm going to do it anyway though. Every week (or maybe every two weeks...we'll see) I'm going to post an update on my progress here on the blog.  Pictures AND stats. Ugh. Gross. I am not super happy with the shape that my body is in right now. I have been afforded the excuse "But...I just HAD A BABY!" for too long. NO MORE!! That was seven months ago and I realized that I'm just being lazy now.

A quick review of my eating and exercise habits (or lack thereof...  >.<  ) shed a frustrating light on my health. I was not eating healthy. I was not exercising. Of course, I made the usual excuses and justifications--and my habits were still much better than the average American. However, just because it could be worse doesn't mean it's not bad enough to warrant change.

Now, I am not a stupid person. I do my homework and read up on the facts before making major decisions--like the decision I made about eight years ago to stop drinking cow milk (or any animal milk, for that matter). There are plenty of delicious, nutritious and outright BETTER options out there--like soy milk, rice milk and almond milk. Freakin yum. Other changes I've made in my diet include eating organic whenever possible, avoiding the microwave, cooking from scratch (which cuts down on processed and chemically enhanced or preserved foods), and just plain READING THE LABEL. I try to take in less than 1500 calories a day. I have started snacking on organic fruits and nuts and raw veggies. I even make my own almond butter and peanut butter at the whole foods store! I don't eat white bread. I avoid sugar and candy (not that hard for me, actually--I'm not much of a sugar person). I am working on drinking plenty of water. In the morning I make a cup of Female Toner, or "lady tea"(well...that's what I call it--it has raspberry leaf, licorice root, strawberry leaf, nettle leaf, angelica root, thistle, spearmint leaf, rose hip, lemon verbana leaf, lemongrass, ginger and chamomile in it - these help strengthen your lady parts and pieces and support and regulate our female...processes), let it cool and add it to my water bottle. In the evening I add a cooled cup of Every Day DeTox tea (burdock and dandelion to support the liver, juniper berry to aid kidney function and ginger, black pepper, and long pepper to aid blood flow - overall it helps your body cleanse and balance itself) to my water. I have been feeling a lot more healthy and energetic these days. Now to put that energy to good use!!

A friend made a comment/suggestion regarding exercise, and I totally agree with her! She suggested that I get out and take Gabriel for a walk in the ol' stroller. I should do that. I NEED to do that.
I'm going to do it today.
That being said, though, I must point out the fact that I suffer from a terribly frustrating bodily malfunction: I don't sweat. Ever. It sucks. A lot of people hear that and say "Oh man, you're so lucky! I wish I didn't sweat! It's disgusting!" Shut your face. I hate to say it, but you are sadly ill-educated. I am NOT lucky. Not sweating means I overheat like *that*. So fast I don't even have time to say "Gee, I wish by body worked properly." I get dizzy, my face turns embarrassingly red, and I want to die. So going on a walk would be FANTASTIC. But I live in Hawaii and it's freaking hot here. Not to mention super humid. Oh, and that's on top of the fact that I live at the tippy-top of a huge hill... So I'll have to save that walk for this evening. We do get out and go to the beach and stuff though...but it's not enough for me to say (in good conscience) "I get plenty of exercise!!"

Anyway--enough lallygagging. On to the dreaded, icky, utterly embarrassing part. The picture and beginning stats. Today, it is in the form of a post, but every time hereafter it will be in the side bar. Man, this sucks. I can't believe I'm about to show everyone my post-baby-belly chub. Here goes. I look El-Gross-o.

144 lbs.
Bust: 38.5" Bicep: 11.5" Waist: 31.5" Hips: 39" Butt: 40.5" Thigh: 22"
Don't you worry. I'm sure I'll be more willing to smile in these when I don't look so freaking icky.

P.S. I just calculated my BMI (body mass index). This is what the BMI calculator told me: "Your BMI is: 25.5. Your BMI category: Overweight" Well isn't that just a slap in the face. Thank you, rude website.

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  1. Hey Ashley, I don't usually comment on blogs that often, but I check yours now and then (a blog of interest). Anyway, good luck with your goals! Getting fit is hard, something I struggle with all the time, but have been doing a little better lately as well.

    But I think you've done the most important part, which is set your goals out in the open, so you can hold yourself accountable. So really, good luck!

    By the way, have you ever seen Food, Inc?