Sunday, June 13, 2010

Raise your water bottles to happiness and good health!

No more procrastinating. I'm doing this. Ugh....I'm doing this....

I have always felt more accountable when I put my goals in writing. It's one thing to think about wanting to do something--and a completely different ball game to actually do it. Obviously. So in an effort to make this particular goal more concrete I am not only writing it down, but putting it out in the open.

Since before I was even pregnant I have been saying to myself "I need to eat healthier and exercise more and drink more water..." (I haven't been drinking NEAR the recommended 64oz a day)

So here goes.

I'm gonna do it.

For myself and for my son. I want to be healthy. I need to be healthy.

Eating healthier: I have my own cupboard space at my parents' house (ugh...I hate that I live at my parents' house--nothing against them...but I'm 23 years old for heaven's sake!) for my food. A lot of the groceries I buy are for everyone to enjoy, but there are some things that would be gone three minutes after I brought them home if they weren't "off limits" to a certain somebody with zero self control. So a lot of the time "my cupboard" was sort of a "snack cupboard"--oops! I went through it the other day with a trash bag and threw away all of the unhealthy crap. The cookies and chips and pop tarts and whatnot....are GONE!! Yippee!! There's this awesome little health food store not far from where I live called Down To Earth that I have recently fallen in love with. They carry a lot of vegetarian stuff, which is fine, but I go for the organic yummies! I went shopping there a week or so ago and bought all kinds of healthy, organic foods and snacks. They have at least 20 different kinds of granola that you can buy in bulk and ten or fifteen different trail mix varieties. There are all kinds of nuts and seeds both roasted and raw and lots of different dried fruits and organic yogurt-covered yummies to choose from. I went wild and now I snack well and snack smart. (because everyone has to snack...there's no escaping it)

Drinking enough water is just a matter of me remembering to bring a water bottle with me wherever I go. I have discovered a secret about myself: if there is a straw in my drink, I am MUCH more likely to consume it than if there is no straw. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just THAT lazy. Straws are easier and cleaner and just all-around better if you ask me. So I bought a reusable water bottle that has a pop-up sipper with a straw.

Exercise. This one's a little trickier. I have no problem knowing WHAT to do. I studied exercise science back in the day when I was thinking about being a trainer/physical therapist. The struggle for me is WHEN to do it. I make excuses, I know. I have a seven month old baby so most of my attention goes to him the majority of the time. When he's napping, I'm cleaning or getting other things done. I'll be experimenting with different time slots this week to see what works best.

Wish me luck everyone!

(I'll be posting a weekly update -with a picture...ugh- so you can watch my progress!)


  1. My suggestion for exercising is to substitute your normal "play-time" with Gabe indoors for the same amount outdoors in a stroller. He doesn't need to be asleep for you to get out and walk! What we do around here is walk away from the house for 15 minutes, and then turn around and walk back for 15 minutes. You don't need a route or a plan. Just get out and go!

  2. That's awesome! I totally know how you feel, especially with the "when" part. Joe is a trainer and so now it is much easier to keep my goals. If you find some great snacks let me know. We are always looking for new things to snack on but not feel guilty about. Try Larabars, they are healthy and taste great. I've also found that fruit can help my sweet tooth, so we keep strawberries and apples and other things in the fridge.