Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm the designer of Mac OS X, and Windows 7 was MY idea.

I am so sick of the stupid Windows 7 commercials. Come on, Microsoft, let's give the credit to the people you shamelessly copied. Because (in true form--as always) that is EXACTLY what you did and what you always *try* to do. You are the MySpace of the computer world now. And Macintosh is Facebook. You had the upper hand for a while there--and it was a good run. But eventually people started getting tired of your bull and lack of functionality in a lot of areas and they switched. So you started copying your biggest competitor. With MySpace/Facebook, it was a big ditto on tagging, a newsfeed, etc. And now look what you are doing, Microsoft! Starting with XP and then Vista and now 7? Look at the GUI! It is becoming staggeringly more and more similar to that of the notably "bubbley" look of the Mac GUI. (for any who do not know, "GUI" stands for "graphical user interface"--the basic look and feel of an operating system or program) And all of these "new, exciting, groundbreaking" features like....oh, I don't know--your copied version of Mac OS X's DOCK?! And SPACES?!

When I got into college and started Graphic Design, I was forced into getting a Mac. I tried to hate it at first--I really did. But then it grew on me. I began to REALLY like it! Then I started to LOVE my mac!! It is so easy to use. There are keyboard shortcuts for just about everything--which I fully utilize! It is necessary and pretty much industry standard in my line of work and hobbies. Then there's the added bonus: IT WORKS. No viruses. No stupid typical PC issues. It just works. So--since I got my Mac and realized the sad, uneducated, ignorant error of my ways (I was a "PCer" through and through and liked to bash on Macs and Mac users), I have always tried to be non-biased when it comes to the Mac vs. PC war (though I do lean a little more to the Mac side). I despise fanboys on both sides of the spectrum. Both systems have their ups and downs depending on what you're using them for. PCs are good for wasting time and playing games. Macs are good for pretty much everything else. LOL Seriously, though--all joking aside--I do feel like I am able to do more on my Mac. It works the way I want it to. It is easy to use (not that a PC isn't--but that seems to always be [invalid, but] an argument on the PC user's side) and FUN to use! Every time I get on a PC I get frustrated because it just doesn't do what my Mac can do.

Apparently, a LOT of people have been jumping on the Mac wagon and Microsoft doesn't like it. So, what do they do? Copy OS X's look and features and claim that they have some sort of new exciting operating system "of the people, for the people". Uhhh...??...HELLO!! Apple has had docks and spaces and almost all of these touted "new" and "revolutionary" features, programs, and functions for YEARS. I am just a little annoyed that Microsoft is portraying this "new frontiers" attitude. Like they are pioneering new ways to make personal computers more functional and easy/fun to use. That's okay, though, Microsoft. While I'm sure Macintosh/Apple doesn't really appreciate you copying their ideas and promoting them as your own, imitation is the best form of flattery.

*To be clear, I am NOT a program designer and I do not work for Macintosh

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