Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brace yourselves...this may be a long one...

I'm so bad. I should be packing right now. Or at least cleaning and organizing to make packing easier. But I'm not....I don't know why.

Don't judge me.

I AM getting things done though! Day by day, little by little, I'm slowly gearing up for the move. I've actually gotten a lot of things pretty squared away. Except the packing. But it'll happen. Soon. It has to.

SO--two big things: 1) Candace got her orders! Finally!! We've all been waiting to see where she was going to be sent for her next duty station. Even more so--we were crossing our fingers that she could get orders to Hawaii. Well, I guess the finger-crossing paid off!! Candace's new duty station is Kaneohe Bay!! Sweet!! It's almost right next to Pearl Harbor, which is where Mike is stationed. So we'll all be really close! I'm so excited!! I mean, I was excited before, but now I'm even MORE excited!! I'll get to see Candace and Lily!! All the time! And Candace will get to see Gabriel! That's the one MAJOR bummer about moving to Hawaii--a lot, if not most, of the family--won't get to see much of Gabriel for a while. Unless they have the money to make a trip to Hawaii. I'll have to try to save up for a trip to the states I guess...

And 2) The other big thing: My mom and Mike found THE HOUSE!! After days of deliberation, searching, disappointment, and disagreement, they finally found it! I think it was Wednesday that they discovered it. I had been trying to help by looking stuff up online for them since they were at a hotel and didn't have internet access. There were a handful of promising-looking places. But my mom and Mike just couldn't find something they LOVED. They were convinced that they just weren't going to find a place in their price range that really really liked. Then my mom called me--she was ECSTATIC!! "Ashley!! Did you get my text? Did you see the picture?! I think we found it!! Our house!!" I hadn't seen the picture or the text yet, but it didn't matter because my mom continued on describing the house in detail. It sounds awesome! The price for that size of house in Aiea is pretty unbelievable. I'm really excited!! I have my own room and my own bathroom!! Yay!! We actually have a yard! (I guess a lot of the places in the area don't have much of a yard--or they don't have one at all...) Another great thing: they started moving in yesterday! I guess a lot of the places they had looked at wouldn't be available for a few weeks...ugh. Anyway, my mom sent me pictures of pretty much every corner of the house, but I'm only posting one! I'll take my own when I get there and THEN post more. You can see it after I get to see it. But here's a sneak peek  for now!

So this is a partial view of the front of the house. I think. My mom took it on her cell phone. Like I said, though, I'll take more when I get TEN DAYS. Holy crap.


Anyway, life in general has been pretty decent I guess. I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but I got it approved to be able to work from home. It is awesome. For one, I am able to do a lot more because I actually have internet access when I'm at home! Before, I was just taking my laptop to work and I couldn't get online if I needed to...bummer. Also, if I have an appointment or an errand that needs to be ran, I can go do it without "missing work"! It's easy to make up hours. If I have an idea for a design or video or whatever that I'm working on, I can do it right then (even if it's at one in the morning) with out "work time" issues. It's awesome. I am really going to miss my job when I boss, Toni, is the coolest boss lady ever! I just love her to death! Pretty much everyone in the office is awesome. I'm gonna miss them all!!

Yesterday was....ugh... I needed to actually go in to the office because I had to meet with a few people to review a few things and blah blah blah. So I go out to my car sometime around 11:30ish, and there's a notice taped to my car window. No. NO!! That means my car got booted. NOOOOO!!! In my own apartment parking lot!! WHYYYY?!?!!?

I'm SO tired of dealing with these people.

I checked to see if I had parked over the line, or accidentally parked in a handicapped spot, or...whatever--there had to be some retarded reason I got booted because I HAVE a freakin' parking sticker. Duh. I live here. Then some guy goes walking by and says "Oh hey--you get booted? It's because of your sticker."  --What the hell is wrong with my sticker?--  "It's expired. You have to get a new one from the office. When did they boot you?"  --I guess this morning. Or last night. I just parked here yesterday...--  "Hmm...well....that sucks. The shield stickers (they're shaped like a sheild) expired August 31st. Gotta go get a new one."

Well damn.

I wish someone would have TOLD ME that my freaking parking sticker expires!! I hate this place. I stomped up the sidewalk and into the office....and raised hell. I think the girl I was talking to was new (I don't know--they're always firing and hiring office help here). Poor thing. I demanded that the boot be removed from my car RIGHT NOW!! and I was NOT going to pay for it. She told me that she was working on it. Working on it?! She gave me a paper to fill out for a new parking sticker and told me she needed to see my insurance and registration for my car. What?! Why?! You guys already have it!!! She just looked at me. Like she didn't know what I was talking about. I reminded her that they already made a copy of all of my info from the first time they gave me a sticker--you know, the time when they failed to inform me that it expires at some point? That time. She just repeated herself. Geeze...the office help here is retarded. Whatever.

So I get my new sticker and now what? What about the boot?! She puts me on a list--A LIST!--of angry, unfairly booted tenants and tells me she'll let me know when it all gets worked out. WHAT?! "Well I'm trying to get ahold of UPA (the parking lot booter guys) right now. We had called them and told them to start booting the cars with expired stickers. And then we realized that we forgot to inform the I'm trying to see if I can work something out with UPA to get them to take the boots off. We're going to post a notice on everyone's door today."  --So I just have to sit here and wait?-- "If you don't want to pay to get the boot taken off, yeah."  --No no no no. I am NOT paying to get that boot taken off my car. No one ever told me that the parking passes expire....I can't believe this. It's ridiculous. So I just have to be immobilized until you hear back from UPA? I have job. And things to do today.-- "Well, you could just pay to get the boot removed and then go through the appeals process to have the money refunded. That would be the fastest way to get it removed." --Oh hell no. I am NOT doing that. Just let me know when I'm freed.-- "Alrighty then. Have a good afternoon!"

Screw her. I wanted to punch her in the face.

I went home and called my boss to explain the situation. She was really cool about it. I was able to still get my work done without going into the office. Thank goodness for SkyDrive!!

I noticed some mail on my desk that needed to go out, so I walked it to the outgoing mail box and then I remembered that I needed to talk to the office about something. So I went back in there....ugh. I asked them if they had found my utility payment yet. That's right. They lost my last month's utility payment. They also lost my internet agreement/setup payment. Jen...oohhhhh Jen...she's a freakin' picnic. She's kinda...well--there's not really a nice way to say it. She. Is. An airhead. I asked her about it and she says " paid it?"  --Uh. YEAH. We've talked about this before. Like three or four times.--  (I seriously have. And I have to re-explain it to her every single time...) "Who did you give the payment to? Cuz I don't see it in the system..." *KILL, KILL, KILL!!* --Okay, Jen. One more time. I gave the utility payment to you. And before you ask, YES I'm sure it was you. Two weeks later, I gave my internet access payment to Becky. No one seems to know where they ended up. You didn't give me a receipt for the payment because the printer was jammed at the time and needed to be fixed, so please for the love of all that is good and holy do NOT ask me if I have a copy of the receipt again.-- "Okay. Well I don't know what to tell you. Do you have anything showing the money order number?" *exhale loudly* --Yes. I went over and got a printout for them showing when I bought them, how much they were for, and when they were CASHED. By you guys. I gave it to Becky.-- "Oh. Well....we don't have it." --Are you serious?! First, you lose the payments and NOW you've lost the printout that I gave you?!-- "I guess so. Sorry. I'll ask Becky about it when she comes in. We'll look for them."


I've said it before and I'll say it again: I hate it here. I can't wait to leave this place.

And now I have to go. I need to clean. And pack. Yes--I'm doing it. Sheesh! Get off my back already!

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