Sunday, August 16, 2009

Up and down and around

Well this past week has been both eventful and boring.

Monday was a typical day I guess. I went to work. I came home. McKay and I went to Hello Yogurt--the very best and coolest frozen yogurt place I've ever been to! That was our second time going. Awesome!

Tuesday I woke up at around 6 am--on my own (ugh)--unable to breathe due to a horrible stuffy nose. And then of course there was the excruciating pain in my chest. Well that's an exaggeration. It wasn't QUITE "excruciating"...yet. I called my boss and told her I was feeling horrible. She told me not to worry about going in to work but I did anyway so I could sign my time sheet so I could get paid. I told her about the chest pain and suggested that I call my doctor to see if I should go in and see him. I decided that was a good idea. The office was closed, but the front desk message left the number for Dr. Young, who was on call. I called him and told him how I was feeling. He told me to go to the nearest emergency room and check in. I was more than a little scared. So I went to the hospital and they admitted me right away and started doing tests.

They did blood tests and and EKG and a few other things. I was hooked up to a few different monitors. They couldn't find anything. My blood pressure was fine--on the low side of normal. The oxygen levels were excellent. My white count was normal, so there wasn't any infection anywhere. The EKG was fine. The other tests they ran to see if there was an issue with my heart or my lungs came back with nothing but normal results. So they diagnosed me with unidentified chest pain, gave me a prescription for loritab, and sent me on my way....hmmm. So I don't know what the issue was. I only took one loritab (it was actually the generic version--hydrocodone or something) around noon and it worked all day! It was fabulous. I don't ever take anything--not even tylenol. Not for migraines, not for anything. So one pill worked like a charm! Didn't have to take another one until about ten o'clock that night. And that was my Tuesday. McKay came over in the afternoon and kept me company until he had to go home and go to bed. 

Wednesday was boring and so was Thursday. I stayed home from work Wednesday just in case. Plus I didn't want to go in all doped Thursday was pretty uneventful. I went in to work only to have nothing to do until I left to go help Jen and her youth group (OUTRAGE) at the fair.

Friday I went to the fair around one o'clock and supervised the OUTRAGE booth while Jen ran some errands for a few hours. I was feeling kinda icky, but McKay wanted to hang out. We went to a late showing of District 9 with Adam. It was a really weird movie. Didn't quite know what to think....

Saturday was cool. McKay took me to The Living Aquarium! I didn't even know there was an aquarium in Utah.

It was really cool though. I got to pet a stingray!! I got thinking about the fact that I will soon have many opportunities to see stuff like that up close and personal--in the water--while I'm in Hawaii!! Snorkeling and possibly scuba diving--I'm so excited!! I can't wait to get to Hawaii.

Anyway--now you understand how my week was both eventful and boring! Now I get to see what this week has in store for me. I have a crazy roommate (or two) that will be moving out this week--thank goodness!! The only ones left will be me and Maureen. She's cool--and super nice. Hopefully if we get new roommates any time soon, they'll be slightly less crazy and bitchy than my current/former roomies. I'm crossing my fingers!

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