Sunday, August 2, 2009

My New Toy

So I FINALLY got a new phone yesterday!! Yay!!! It's the LG CF360 and I LOVE it!! I've been playing with it constantly. I like everything about it--the size, the casing, the buttons (I'm SUPER picky about the style/type of buttons on a cell phone), I like that it's a slider... Just love it!

This....was my old phone.

It sucked. I hated it. It had crap for memory, it was bulky, the camera sucked, the buttons were loud when you push them, it was hideous--I was embarrassed to be carrying it around. The only reason I had it was because my previous phone (the Samsung A707 "Sync"--such a good, faithful phone! I loved it...), which I owned for well over two years had just been dropped one million too many times and was on the verge of breaking in half...poor I went into the AT&T store and told the guy to give me the cheapest piece of crap they had--I just needed a phone. And they did just that. They gave me a piece of crap. But hey--I (quite literally) asked for it!

Anyway, I love my new phone and I just wanted to glow and brag about it. It's no iPhone or fancy BlackBerry or anything, but I love it and it's PERFECT for me! (I have my issues with the iPhone and other smartphones anyway. I think touch screen anything is a stupid buy and I HATE full QWERTY keyboards on cell phones...that limits my selection quite a bit these days...)

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