Monday, July 6, 2009


So here it is. The big deal. The *ssshhhh* secret. What I've been holding in all this time.

I'm pregnant! Ray is the father, which is bitter-sweet depending on what he plans on doing about it.

The details:

I took a home pregnancy test (in Texas) on March 13 and it came out positive. I was stunned. So was Ray. But I had already broken up with him by that point and was not planning on getting back together with him, so we went through a bit of a rough patch.

So now I'm a little over 22 weeks (five months) along.

My due date is November 6th.

I found out today that IT'S A BOY!!

And there you have it. The big news!!

I probably won't be talking much about it on this blog because I have a "baby blog" that I've been posting in. It has been private until now, so you're welcome to read/follow it here (


  1. Ahh I am so excited for you!

  2. So... are due dates are a whole DAY apart! I am due November 7th!