Monday, June 2, 2008

Utah, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida--the traveling never stops!!

So! Florida. Where do I begin?

I must say that all of the flying got pretty tedious. Flew to Providence on Saturday (layover in Chicago). Was there for two days. Flew to Pensacola on Tuesday (TWO layovers--Philadelphia and Charlotte--ugh). By the time I finally got here, I was DONE with flying and airports and uncomfortable seats and earbuds and armrests and mini pretzels--ALL OF IT!! DONE!!

It was cool to see Chris for a few days. He took me to Boston on Sunday, which was awesome! We went with his friends, Peter and Talia. We walked around, took pictures, ate, rode the metro, watched street performers, went to the public gardens and even saw a Blue Man Group show!! It was an all-around fun day! The next day, we just hung out. It was nice to just chill and not have to think about anything.

Then I flew to Florida.

As soon as I got here, Candace (who is hugely pregnant!) drove me to WalMart to get potatoes for the "welcome to Florida" barbecue and then we went home for a bit. The place is nice! A lot nicer/less ghetto than I thought it would be! I don't know if I would call it an apartment or a condo or a townhome.....but I like it! My bed is HUGE!! It's a king, which I've never had before. Wow. My closet is (thankfully) bigger than I thought it would be. I like that too... The living room and kitchen are nice. It's just an all-around nice little place! I like it!

Anyway, we had a BBQ with Ariel (Candace's guy friend out here) and Liz (another of Candace's friends)--both of which are in the Navy with Candace. We ate SO MUCH!! We had steaks, brats, ribs, grilled corn, twice baked potatoes--the works. It was nuts! Since then we've just been hanging out, really. We went to "The Wharf" with Liz and Ariel on Saturday - basically a big tourist trap near the beach. There's food, shopping, golf, ferris wheel--stuff like that. Candace and Liz got free tickets from the military to a Rick Springfield/Eddie Money concert, which is why we went to The Wharf in the first place. We thought they were going to be pretty crappy seats since the tickets were free. Come to find out we're in the VIP section!! It was cool, I guess. There were a lot of people my mom's age and older there dancing and screaming like maniacs, dressed in clothes no 40+ year olds should ever wear--no matter how fake-tanned, blonde-haired, and drunk they are!!

Now I've got to get a job so I'll have something to do and so I will have some extra spending money. I'll be taking care of Lily during the day once Candace goes back to work and that will count as my "rent", so getting a job is somewhat optional. I would rather have a job and spending money than sit around and do nothing, though, so I hope I find one soon!

Oh yeah! I dyed my hair blonde! Gah!!

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