Thursday, April 3, 2008

Previously mentioned subject of my annoyance. AKA Dylan

WARNING: Your opinion of me may change after reading this. I'm not very nice in this entry.

I'm not a huge fan of Dylan. Period. You would think he would know that by now.

So he found my blog (this) online yesterday. An entry or two ago, I mentioned that there are a few people in my department that kind of annoy me, but I didn't mention any names right?. He sends me a message on Facebook asking, "Is this me you're talking about?" First of all, why are you reading my blog? Am I of some personal importance to you? Are we friends? or family? What business do you have reading my blog? Not that I care, but why? Secondly, why are you all hurt about it like you didn't know?

I thought about changing the settings so only I can read it, but then I thought, "You know what? No. If he insists on reading my blog and it says something about him that he doesn't like, so be it. That's his problem! I'm not going to edit what I write to spare his feelings." I don't like him, and I'm not afraid to talk about it. It's my own personal blog and I have the right to say/write whatever I want. Besides, I haven't even mentioned any names--he's just assuming, which means some part of him knows.

Ugh. I'm annoyed. I deleted him from my friends list. I don't remember why I ever added him in the first place.

So I checked my facebook later on during my break and he wrote me back. This is the conversation:
Dylan: is this me?

Me: huh?

Dylan: from your blog...

Me: Why are you reading my blog? and why does it matter? (I wanted to say "Why are you reading my blog, creepster? and why does it matter? and YES.")

Dylan: if you have a problem with me we should work it out. we do have to work with each other everyday. but whatever.

Me: It's not like it's a huge deal. Our personalities just clash. I don't dislike you, I'm just annoyed by you. It's not anything that can be fixed. I'm not going to change who I am and I certainly don't expect you to do so either. There's not really any working out that can be done. We do have to work with each other - so I'll do my best to be civil and nice. I'm sorry if I ever have or if I ever do offend you at work--that is not my intention. If you decided to read my personal blog, however, and are offended - that's not really something I'm going to apologize for.

Oh yeah--he noticed we weren't "friends" so he sent me a friend request. I denied it.

How doth he bug me? Let me count the ways.....

Or not. I'm already done talking about this. It's a waste of time--just like him.

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