Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Grandpa's Wedding

So my grandpa got married yesterday. I'm happy for him, I guess. I'm more happy that he's happy. Not happy in general. My grandma just passed away this past August--less than a year ago...I wish he could have waited at least a year. The wedding was small and simple. They got married in her living room. It was just close friends and family. Not super interesting. I took pictures for them. Hundreds of pictures. Here are a few:

Janet (Grandpa's new wife) is nice. Weird thing: She has a son my age that I met like three years ago. I didn't know he was her son. I saw him and was like, "What are you doing here?" He saw me and goes "Whoa, what? What are you doing here?" The we realized that my grandpa was marrying his mom. Weird. In my grandpa's defense, she's kind of old to have such a young son. He wasn't too happy yesterday. He didn't even dress up--just jeans and a t-shirt. He wouldn't have even gone if it wasn't at his house.

I found out (haven't talked to him in a while) that his dad had passed away less than a year ago (in June). We understood each other. Poor Joel. He's a sweet guy though--super funny.

Another weird thing? My old keyboarding teacher, Mishter Shtevenshen (he had quite a lisp) from middle school was there. I have no idea why...

And, finally, a testament to my hair being completely unwilling to hold a curl:


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