Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Change of Plans

So we had to cancel practice last night because Zac got tickets to the Jazz game (last minute). I was a little disappointed, but if it were the other way around I would expect him to understand and be cool with it.

It's probably for the better, anyway, since I won't be getting the djembe until today (I hope). Greg is supposed to bring it so I can play it and see if I like how it sounds. I have a feeling I'll like it, so I brought the money with me just in case. I'm so excited to get things up and running!!

Zac and I have even come up with a name! We figured we'd need something to call ourselves unless we want to be "Zac and Ashley", which would be lame. We spent a few days thinking of names and ideas and junk and I finally came up with "Sweet Coincidence". It fits us and the situation/circumstance(s) that surrounded the beginning of what will hopefully be some great music! I hope it all works out! I guess we'll see tonight....

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