Monday, April 30, 2007

Ugh...I'm already tired of today. We've been redlining all morning (I know--you don't know what that means--just know that it's not fun) Some of these people are just so stupid!! They think if they explain everything three more times, and slower, that I will NOW be able to help them. "No, sir--I cannnot help you with your Dish Network bill. Like I have said manytimes, this is the AT&T Internet Rebate Center. No, I do not have the number for Dish network. No, I do not know where you could find it. What? Excuse me? No sir, I am not incompetent. I work for AT&T - NOT Dish Network. I don't even know how or where you got this number to call. You need to call Dish. No I will not look up the number online for you. Okay fine--you do whatever you feel is necessary. I'm going to disconnect the call now. Thank you for calling AT&T. You have a great day." People are so rude!! And ridiculous!! You wouldn't believe some of the things these people want me to do!! You wouldn't believe some of the things they say to me!! I am just astounded everyday. You think you've heard the most rude, ridiculous thing ever and then five minutes later, someone proves you wrong.

Whatever. I want to go home...

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