Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wow....so much has happened in just the past week....

My mom and I got into a huge fight over the phone a little over a week ago. For those of you who actually know me (or my mom), it was about the same old stuff. She kept talking and talking and I was going to be late for work, so eventually I said  --Hey, I have to go. I'm going to be late for work.--  "Of course! You always have to go! You can never finish a conversation with me!"  --No, mom, I really have to go - I have to go to work. I have a JOB.--  ''Don't you get a little attitude with me! That's it! I've had it! You've got four weeks."  --What? Four weeks for what?--  "You have four weeks to get the car in your name and move out. If you're gonna have an attitude like that, then you can move out and make it on your own!" --What? I moved out TWO YEARS AGO! Are you serious? I've been making it on my own for quite some time now.-- And that was that.

So now I've moved out of my grandparents' house (I don't know why my mom thought she could kick me out of their house--especially since I was paying rent) even though I didn't technically have to. I now live in Provo with a friend from work, Michelle. It's really cool so far. She's so funny. Life is....great, I guess. Provo is better for me anyway. Work is pretty much the same distance away, but school is closer and so is McKay. I'm already saving when it comes to gas. It's sweet.

I got to go with McKay the other day to finish laying down his bass tracks for Volition's new album. Austin and Kace were there, so we all had fun watching McKay. After McKay finished recording, we all sat and helped decide to put an 808 here and record and place another riff there--it was cool to see how it all kinda works.

After that McKay and I went to Park City to get tickets to a few of the Sundance Festival movies. We must have good taste because all of the movies went tried to get tickets to had a waiting list. After much deliberation and searching the charts we found a few and went to get the tickets. Upon reaching the counter, the lady there asked us if we were there to get tickets to the Best Of Fest. What? The Best Of Fest? She explained to us that the best of fest was held on the last day of the festival. It shows the best documentary and the best drama (the best film in each category). A few years ago, she said, the best documentary was Supersize Me, and the best drama was Napoleon Dynamite. She then informed us that the tickets were free!! So we got two free tickets to both and skipped merrily home. I'm excited! This will be my first year going to the Sundance Festival, and I'll be seeing the two best movies submitted!! Yay!!


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