Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Well, my NYE was awesome. I went to the Utah Parties show/dance at the McKay Events Center. Let me just tell you how awesome it was:

There were three dance floors--one was Hip Hop/R&B (that was the "main" dance floor), another was 80's music, and the third was country line dancing---hahahhaha. Utah Parties hired a bunch of Pro BMXers and skaters to do an all night show on an indoor skate park--neato. There were also stand up comedians, a magician, and a hypnotist doing their thing. There was a Love Sac "chill lounge" where a bunch of guys and reluctant girlfriends sat and played XBox and Nintendo and whatever else was there (didn't look close enough). The best part, though, was the 2nd floor where all the live music was. HolloH, Side Dish, Ayin, Volition, Elliott's Assassin, and some other band (don't remember 'em...that's kinda sad....it was supposed to be Rated Hero, but got changed at the last minute for some reason.)

I was on the 2nd floor most of the night watching the bands. HolloH played a good set. I think they were pissed about something though. We all got the vibe that they didn't really want to be there for some reason. I don't know why....Maybe because they had to play first? Or maybe because sound took a while to get set up and they didn't get to play as long as they wanted to...?? I don't know..... They left after their set--so no one saw them for the rest of the night.

After HolloH was Side Dish. They were, as always, really good. The bassist, Jeph, had a hurt knee (he tore a few ligaments on Thanksgiving) so he couldn't do his usual jumping around the stage, so it was definitely different. He sat on a stool for the first part of the show. Then he started getting antsy, so he stood up and did his thing as usual, only on one foot. Hahaha. Bless his heart--I love that guy.

Next was Ayin, whom I had never heard live before. (I heard their CD because McKay is a huge fan and friend of theirs...) They were awesome. I loved their show. Their drummer kicks royal butt, as does the bassist. Skaught (the singer--he's actually the guy who's recording Volition's album right now) has an amazing voice. I loved the show. It was great all-around. They officially have a new fan.

After Ayin was the NYE countdown on the main dance floor--that was followed by lots of kissing (McKay helped me out with that--thank you, McKay...tee hee....) Then we had to hurry back up to the second floor so McKay could set up for his show. Volition got the best slot--right after midnight. The DJ on the main floor announced that Volition was playing and threw out some free shirts to the crowd to get them pumped. So Volition played one of the best shows I've heard from them. The crowd was HUGE and going wild. Their crowd was so big. The next biggest audience was probably less than half that size. It was so cool. They were loud, too. The whole thing just rocked. I wish those of you who weren't there, could have been. You would have loved it.

Anyway, after Volition's set, Elliott's Assassin played. They started off their show with one of their newest songs. Apparently they've decided to take a little heavier approach with their music, which no one's complaining about. Each of the guys is a great musician and I'm excited to see how they evolve and grow as a band. I didn't get to stay for all of their set, though, because McKay and I were SOOOOO hungry. Neither of us had eaten all night, so we left and went to Denny's.

I got to McKay's house afterward and we both decided that it would be better if I didn't attempt the long drive home, so I made myself at home on his couch.

I woke up to McKay and his brother sitting on either side of me watching football. When I woke up, they wished me a happy new year and we all watched football for the rest of the day. It was awesome.

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