Wednesday, November 2, 2005

SO! I haven't updated in sooooo's insane. It has been about two weeks, which isn't really all THAT long, but it feels like it.
Work is great. The people are really cool and they treat me like I've been there for years. I now do stuff that usually Par 0's (I am a par 0 right now) never do--like being a checker (have to check off sidework and tables before people leave) and closing and stuff. It's neat-o and I'm having a lot of fun.
So my birthday is coming up. The 13th--wahoo!! I'm partying like mad. THREE DAYS of partying, actually. This is because I didn't get to celebrate my birthday last year or the year before. So we're partying on the 11th, 12th, AND 13th. I'm excited. Plus, a few bands that I'm good friends with agreed to do a show for me, so we're having a big concert on the 21st of November. It will be awesomeness. Death Before Starlight, Side Dish, and Volition are all playing - it's gonna be an awesome show.
McKay and I are doing well. Awesome, to be more specificly correctly speaking.....whatever. We celebrated our one month anniversary (we count it from the first kiss, which was October 1st) last night. He took me to Ottavio's (sooooo good!! I love their food!!) and then we rented Snatch and watched it at his house. Before all that, though, we went to the mall and got a few strips of pictures taken in one of those fun little booth things. They turned out pretty cute.
Anyway, I'm really hungry and tired, so Ima go now.

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