Friday, October 7, 2005

This will be a short post. I feel like crap today, so I slept for a LONG felt good until I had to get up. So I got a message from Neil (lead guitarist for Elliott's Assassin) today on MySpace. He is not happy with me. Remember all the beef we've been having lately? Well, he read about it on this and now he's mad. What? Why? Don't like seeing it in text? What the hell? All I do on this is write about the daily goings on. Period. And how I feel. I don't know why anyone would be pissed about me writing about how I feel. He's really upset because he feels like I have been writing "slander" about him. Have I? Well, just in case--let's clear this up right here and now. Neil is a great guy. We were good friends for a while, but I apparently pissed him off REALLY bad. He really is a cool person--he's just not very nice to me. So if you ever meet him, make friends and be nice and you will be pleasantly surprized at his awesomeness. Just don't piss him off and you're set for life. The band that he is in - Elliott's Assassin - is great. I really do think they're going somewhere with their music--I always have. I have always been supportive of them and their music. I will never have anything bad to say about the band as a whole. However, Neil and Shawn are no longer interested in me as a photographer (which is fine--that's their choice) so I will be deleting them from my plugins the next time I update my page--get your fill or save the URL because you wont be able to get it from my page any more. They will, however, remain in my photo albums page because that is to display my work and such. Anyway, I feel like crud, so I'm gonna go take some cough syrup and take a nap. 

P.S. I did about ten minutes last night at Fat, Dumb, and Happy's. It was awesome. The crowd loved me and I got a lot of laughs. It felt really good to do well after totally bombing last week. Anyway, I'm out! Later!!

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