Sunday, October 9, 2005

So life is pretty uneventful, as usual.
Yesterday I went and got a few applications and talked to people...blah blah blah. Jackson came with me, so it wasn't as boring as it could have been. So now I have to write up a resume--which sucks--and I have an interview tomorrow afternoon.
After that I sat at home and did nothing for a while. McKay came over and picked me up and we went to a corn maze at Thanksgiving Point. This was after we went to the Haunted Forrest and I wussed out, so we left...hahaha The corn maze was haunted, though, so leaving the Haunted Forrest was pointless. We had a lot of fun. The corn maze was cut out to look like Napoleon Dynamite from above--it was funny because every once in a while they would play audio clips from the movie. Tee hee...
After that we stopped by the club because I promised Chirstopher and Michael that I would. We watched the last part of the comedy showdown finals and then I ended up staying after. McKay had to leave, though, because he had to be up early for work. So Michael, Traci, Brandon, Chunga & his gf, and I all stayed at the club forEVER and hung out eating junk food and each doing our own brand of stand up retardedness on the stage. I finally got home at about 5 or 6 in the morning (Michael dropped me off) and slept until...I don't even remember when I woke up....

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